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Hi there! I got married in Cuba in April this year and am just getting around to making my wedding scrapbook. I was wondering if anyone happened to have the Cuban Wedding Vows… I though it would be a nice addition to my memeroy book. Thanks!

WOW!! Thank you so much Tigs!! I truely appreciate your help!

HI i’m getting married at the IV in August, 2007. I would really like to see the cuban wedding vows if someone wouldn’t mind sending them to me
Hi Sandranf,I sent them to you in your PMs.You guys picked a great resort to get married at, that’s where I got married too and it was absolutely wonderful! Have a great day!


thanks so much……i didn’t realize they were so legal sounding though….LOL…oh well…..did you guys do/say anything different in your vows?

Yes, the vows are pretty legal sounding indeed but you can add your own vows after you say your Cuban "I do’s". We decided not to because we knew we’d be too nervous but in hindsight I kinda wish we did because it would have made it more personal…. But everything was still perfect!
HiI’m getting married at IV in April 2007. I would love to see what the vows are like too. This might sound stupid, but what does PM mean? I would love for someone to send the vows to me if I have this PM thing. Let me know.


skweddign – I have just PM’d you the vows – look at the top of the page where you log in – it should tell you you have a message, just click on it!!

Here is the "Cuban Marital Code" that was used at our wedding in April, wouldn’t exactly call them "vows" too legal sounding for that We just said our own after the "I do" part

I, the Notary, attest the previous manifestations of the contracting parties and, to the effects of the formalization of the marriage that both have been presented, I proceed to read the Cuban Family Code, Articles 24 to 28.MARITAL CODE SECTION ONE: ABOUT MARITAL RIGHTS AND DUTIESARTICLE 24: The marriage is constituted based on equal marital rights and duties.ARTICLE 25: Husband and wife should live together, and maintain the corresponding loyalty, consideration, respect and help for each other.ARTICLE 26: Husband and wife are bound to take care of the family which they have created and to cooperate with each other in the education, formation and guidance of the children. Likewise, each must participate and cooperate in the maintenance and development of the home.ARTICLE 27: Husband and wife are bound to contribute to the satisfaction of the needs of the family they have created within the family. If only one person contributes to this support by working at home, and taking care of the children, the other must contribute to the expressed subsistence without relinquishing his or her duty to cooperate to such work and care. ARTICLE 28: Husband and wife are entitled to carry their professions or skills, and their duties to reciprocally offer cooperation and help for this purpose as well as to start studies or enhance their knowledge; in any case, they will have to organize their home life in such a way that these activities should be coordinated with the fulfillment of the obligations imposed by this code.Now I will question both parties if they persist in their resolution of getting married.Do you _______________ accept _____________ to be your lawful wedded husband?Do you _____________ accept _______________ to be your lawful wedded wife?

Does anyone know if vow renewal is the same thing as this? If not, then how does it differ? I have a friend who is considering vow renewal, but doesn’t seem too romantic unless you add a little something of your own, does it?
Thank you for this as I am currently working on my wedding scrapbook as well. We were married at the IV in Feb. We said our own vows after we said "I do" to the Cuban vows. It made it a little more personal for us.

Happy planning for those upcoming IV brides. Your wedding will be fabulous.

Thanks for posting the vows…we are getting married in Sept 07 and i think we will add our own little bit after the i do’s to make it more personal after the very legal & formal Cuban vows…although that being said i will prob blub my way through my add on as will want to say something about my mum who died almost 3 years ago. Can anyone recommend REALLY good waterproof mascara?!?!?

hsumner,yeah, the cuban vows are really legal and formal. We said our own words afterwards, but neither of us made it through them in front of everyone, we were so emotional we were crying too much! We did finish them during our 1st dance though.

I can relate to not having your mum there. Mine died just over 9 years ago, and I still miss her, and always will. Not having her at my wedding hurt SO much

My stepmom and dad had a picture of her blown up and framed, it sat on our wedding table at the ceremony…luckily they had shown it to me about a week before the wedding, so I had done most of my crying then, and it didn’t hit me quite so hard at the ceremony.. I know my mum was with me in spirit, and I know that your mum will be with you too.As for good waterproof mascara, I used CoverGirl’s "Marathon-waterproof mascara hydrofuge" in a green tube. It seemed to work quite well. May I also suggest waterproof eyeliner if you wear it?! You might want to look at having your eyelashes tinted before you go, then you may not even have to wear mascara!

Have a great trip, and congratulations!!

I too can sympathize with not having your mom at your wedding, I lost my mother 2 years before my wedding and it was the hardest day to go through without her She was there in spirit and of course in all of our hearts and thoughts!!

What we actually did was ask Katherine and Yaly, if we could order a small bouquet of flowers for the ceremony and have them placed next to my father in her memory – well, they were touched by what we wanted to do, that they actually decorated a beautiful wicker chair all with flowers and then put a gorgeous bouquet on the seat!!! There were dozens of beautiful tropical flowers that outlined the entire chair, it was amazing! I had no idea prior to the ceremony that they had made this wonderful gesture, so of course as soon as I saw it ….

the tears were flowing like Niagara Falls!!!It was such a nice and thoughtful touch, I was just so pleased!!


Is that really all that the judge/minister says? wow, that is really formal. I’m glad I found out about it. My fiance and I will definietly have to say our own vows after, because that is really formal and not personal at all! What did they say when you exchanged rings, or first kiss as man and wife, or did they pronounce you as man and wife?

Thanks for posting the cuban vows…I’m in the same boat, as soon as I read them I knew I wanted to add a little more to the wedding.

Has anybody heard of a Sand Wedding? It sounds interesting, and I need to look it up, but it is generally where each person pours sand from his and her past, and then pours sand of the present (from the beach you are marrying on)…you can also get your family involved (mom’s i think). I think I would do this before after our official Cuabn vows. That is something else to think about. I did originally want to to a candle/unity ceremony, but carrying down hurricanes to cover-up the candles would be too much for my luggage…I need to save room for all my clothes!!


jennb – Just google Sand Ceremony and the topic will come up on several Bride forms……Hope that helps


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