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HelloAnyone travel Cubana Airlines lately? Just booked a trip to Los Galeones – Santiago de Cuba for Feb 12, so if it sucks guess I’m outta luck since I booked but always good to know what to expect.


I used them last May and it was on par with any other airline. I think the meal was even better than what we got from Sunwing last week! No entertainment on board though so bring a book or something else.

It was also the smoothest landing I ever experienced in Cuba!

We used them few years ago. Brand new Airbus and service was better than other charters.

You will not be disappointed.

Never had any issues flying with Cubana Airline. Sometimes better prices and different flight schedule that fits better than other airlines. I liked flying with Cubana as I feel I am in Cuba as soon as I board airplane
Thank you so much for your feedback. We had used them for our first ever trip to Cuba in 2002. I remember it being an older plane but better leg room. I had since read some not so nice reviews on other sites but most people tend to post complaints and not write about good experiences (with anything being reviewed). We usually bring our own entertainment on our Ipads so not worried about them not having movies.

Do you know if Cubana Airlines offers any of the flight upgrades? Similar to Canjet Select for example?

Apparently they do, but the info is non-existent. We once were put in a sort of There is anClub Class area (seats 1 and 2) but it was just luck of the draw. I don’t think it was much different than the rest of the plane. Maybe a little roomier? But it was a pleasant flight until we hit Pearson and then the long march, customs, baggage pick-up, etc. Just like any other flight. There is a airline review (might be called skytrax or something similar). Look it up on Google and I’m sure you can see pros and cons of it.

When I took it we could have upgraded to what I think was called "Tropical" class. Instead of being 3 seats wide, these row where only 2 with larger seats. Since we were 2 adults and a child we didn’t took it.

I think it allowed some more luggage allowance and priority registration / boarding, but nothing else once on board.

What I liked about Cubana was that the moment you stepped on the plane it felt like your vacation began……you got the Cuban smiles from the stewardesses

Cubana’s aircrafts do include a Tropical Class with roomier seats and more legroom, but no other additional services. However, it is very expensive ($300 per person, per segment was the last price I was quoted), and it is really difficult to purchase it. I have seen their employees nap in that section more often than I’ve seen clients. I was able to buy it once, but my travel agent had to call someone she knew at Cubana and get an email confirming the purchase (this was a few years ago out of Montreal). These days, Cubana seem to also be using leased aircrafts which offer tighter seating that their Airbus aircrafts. Entertainment is still non-existent.

I have not yet heard of any bonus services being offered on a Cubana flight (similar to Transat’s Option Plus). Last I heard, you could not even pre-book your seats.

Thanks everyone!! I have almost always had enjoyable flights with Cubana … only bad one was because of passengers not the service. The stewardesses tried but unfortunately that trip there were a few people giving tourists a bad name.

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