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The hotel and staff were wonderful and the beaches and pool were great, except on the return trip after we checked in and paid our $25 fee we then whnt to the store where you could purchase rum and cigars we were told by the clerk there that we could bring back to Canada 2 bottles of rum each which was a lie because when we got back into Canada was told that we had to pay duty on the 2 bottles which was over our limit, so the clerk did not care that we were over our limit because she had gotten money for 4 bottles opposed to 2 bottles which was all that we should have purchased there. We also purchased a set of two marochos at a flea market only to discover when we returned to Canada that the Cubans put beans into the morochos to make the noise which are posionous so they were taken from us by customs, which I am happy for, because I would not have wanted my grandson to possibly have broken them and may have put those beans into his mouth and died. Do not buy the morochos from the cubans, we were so disgusted to have given so much money to those people because we felt so sorry for them, only to discover that they may have poisoned our grandchildren when customs said that they could be putting stones into them instead, and you won’t know what’s inside of them until they are x-rayed by customs. Be aware of what you are buying, we were burned, but not again.

Your Arrival:
April 24,2010


Restaurants and Bars:
all at the resort were great

The beach was awesome beautiful white sand and blue water

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
I recommend the Tropicanna club in Havana, also the cateramam, which included swimming with the dolphins, snorkeling with all drinks and food included, perfect day.

Other Comments:
Overall it was a fantastic vacation.

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