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Welcome to the old spanish style way of living! These buildings are beautiful, and well maintained!
You’ll feel like you’ve taken a trip back in time! You will not regret this vacation!

Your Arrival: The arrival was quick and easy. Blau is only 15 minutes from Cayo Coco airport, so it’s very convenient. Upon arrival we were directed towards the front desk, where we were checked in within 10 minutes. Frank was the one who served us. So cute, always smiling! Once we left reception our bags were unloaded off the bus. From the lobby down towards the new Nolitours area is a little bit of a walk, but we didn’t mind. Had some problems finding our room, but that made it even more exciting!

Eventually found our room (2973) and our bags were delivered within 5 minutes by Ricardo! What a lovely guy. You will always see him around the resort, so make sure you give him a wave and a wink!

Rooms: Our room was great. We asked for 2 double beds, but received a King. Fine with us! The bed was so big I could barely see my friend on the other side of it! Fridge was stocked up daily by the house keeper. If you leave her a couple pesos everyday, she’ll make sure you’re taken care of. Anything you want to leave her, should be left on the pillow. The bathrooms are quite big with lots of space. We were on the top floor, and some other people had complained that there was no hot water, but we never had a problem. The one downfall to the room was the following… We had 2 rainfalls when we were there. One was all day, and by 2am that morning the floor outside the bathroom was flooded. I guess the roof was leaking and it was dripping down the walls. It didn’t bother us, but I’m sure there are some people out there that it would bother. Shit happens. We just threw a couple towels on it, and it was taken care of.

The second rainfall was in the middle of the night. The wind was so strong that it blew the rain right under our balcony door and flooded one side of the room. Again, no big deal. Just threw some more towels on it and and put one in the gap underneath the door!

Restaurants and Bars: We didn’t do any of the A La Cartes, but I heard that the Italian was amazing! Buffet style Brekky, Lunch and Dinner. Always penty. My friend is a vegetarian, and there was always lots for her to eat. Always fresh bread as well, which was really lovely! We were always treated excellent, and someone was always available if we needed anything. The 24 hour snack bar was nice as well, over by the piano bar. Ham and cheese sandwiches toasted…excellent! Our drinks always had more alcohol than mix, so we weren’t complaining! All the bars were excellent! We especially loved the one down by the ocean where the activities take place. Some great Cuban music to listen to!

Beach/Pools/Grounds: We were over by the salt water pool, but never went swimming in it. It was quite cold actually, and I only saw 2 people go in it. We prefer the ocean anyways. Be careful down at the ocean when you are swimming when the tide is changing. The current is quite strong. The lifeguards are always on duty, and to be honest, you may just want to be rescued by them! 🙂 We saw a woman trip and fall when walking back up to the beach, and they were right there when it happened to help her back up. So once she realized how good looking they were, it turned into a joke. As soon as they turned their backs, she would fall again on purpose, and they would come back and rescue her! Really funny to watch! Jellyfish are always lurking about. Three times..yes three, by hand brushed one! We were just wading in the water slowly making our way down the beach, and I felt a slimey thing brush against my hand. Then it happened 2 more times after that! Wasn’t stung, but at that point I got out. If you do get stung, I was told it’s not bad. Just feels like a bee sting. Just be aware.

Also, always lots of loungers available. Just be warned that Cayo Coco is usually quite windy, so it can be cool down at the beach. The days that it isn’t windy though..the water is clear clear clear! I’ve been to beaches in Australia and Thailand, and I’ve never seen water so clear before. Beautiful!

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: We didn’t do any excursions. We were thinking of doing the catamaran one, but the water was quite rough most the time. The days that it was calm, we just wanted to lay on the beach! So in the end we didn’t do any excusions, which was fine by us. We spent most of our time hanging out with the animation team. Mainly Maikely(Kely), George, Pino, and Deirel (Dee). If you see these people, please tell them Breanna sends kisses! We made some true friends down there, and we’ve talked to them nearly everyday since we’ve been back! My boyfriend even wants to come down and meet them now, because he’s heard so much about them! Through the day there are always activities going on down at the beach. I recommend that you check it out.

Also, the animation staff does a great job of keeping everyone happpy. The shows were great in the evenings, and the disco was even better. Most the tourists would leave around 12, but we would usually stay until 4am or so dancing with the team. Great memories! Doing the salsa until 4am was amazing!

Other Comments: We can’t wait to go back to this resort! I usually do off the beaten track type traveling, but decided to do all inclusive this time with my best friend. What a great decision that was! We are planning a trip back in April or June, mainly to see the people and do some more dancing! The music is just amazing, and completely in my element! Can’t wait! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to send me a msg on here! Would love to hear from people.

If you go, enjoy your stay! Remember that not every holiday is perfect, but if you make the best of what you have, it will make it 10 times better. I’ve read reviews on here where all people do is complain. Remember, Cuba is a third world country. These people try their best to make YOUR vacation memorable! Whather it’s with a smile, a wink or a simple hola, it will make you feel like a million bucks! Oh and a quick shout out to Rob (Mango) who is down there from Jan-March doing PR at the resort! I’m sure you’ll meet him! Have fun, and keep smiling!

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