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A week ago my husband and I returned from a WONDERFUL holiday in Cuba. This was our 10th visit to Cuba. We stayed in one of the bungalows which was delightful with a french door off the bedroom as well as the sitting room onto a patio – we were on the ground level. Service was good and we always had hot water, something we often did not have at other resorts we’d stayed at previously in Cuba. We had expected a selfcatering facility, but that was not so. There were no kitchen facilities, only a sink, counter, cupboards, fridge and 4 glasses. However, we do not fault the hotel. It is the tour operator Sunquest who is at fault in their brochure, advertising something that is not. We suggest they get their facts straight. We did not find the man made beach attractive at all, and the pools rather comical, they looked more ornamental and should have held gold fish. But that was not important. Right on the property is a "Cadeca" where money can be exchanged – most convenient. The shopping arcade was impressive and the transportation excellent. We went on excursions and often into the city using the hotel shuttle and returning by taxi, often the Cuban taxi which is cheaper. Another bonus; being a city hotel, we could entertain our Cuban friends in the hotel lobby and in the restaurants, which is not permitted at other resorts. We would certainly stay there again.

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