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I was expecting a 4* hotel, but I would give a generous 2*. Don’t expect any service. They don’t clean the rooms everyday. The bathrooms are old and the counter top is discusting. There was no hot water at all for three days. You have to pay extra $$$ for the safe box. There is no map of the hotel. You have to walk around to find the restaurants, internet and other…There is only one elevator. You have to buy an internet card to use internet and they are sold more expensive than where else in Cuba. They show the exchange rate when you come in into the hotel, but when you ask the clerk how much you get for a certain amount, you get less because of the hidden charges. Forget about the beach, there is only rocks! The water is clear, but full of rocks. The outside of the hotel is horrible. The back of the hotel is in really bad shap. The left side of the hotel looks like you are in Bagdad. The only swinning pool that was open in JULY was a small one next to the snack bar, which is in the bungalow section. The pool is not deep. The service at the snack bar is slow and very bad. The prices for the food is super high for Cuba. You get 8 fries and a hamburger for 5.50cuc when for that price in town you can have a steak. The people working at the cubanacan desk to sale the excursions dont understand english very well. They lie and sale you anything. Samething for the ladie at the reception desk, she doesn’t understand english enough and lies to you. At the buffet, the service is slow in the morning. The tables stay dirty for longtime. The only good point is the buffet at night, but you pay for it, 15cuc/person. The service at night is a bit better. But here again, not a lot of them speak english. It’s a 4* hotel in the capital of Cuba, can they go back to turism school maybe?? The hotel is very far from the city. You have to pay between 8 and 10 cuc for a ride with a taxi. Avoid this hotel, because the only thing you get is the view on the ocean.

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