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I think initially the curiosity factor will work in Cuba’s favour. However, if Cuba disappoints, many won’t be back for a second trip. OTOH, if Cuba remains inexpensive I think Americans are no less likely than Canadians to take advantage of a bargain! And once ferry service gets going from Florida, that opens up the possibility to take one’s own car.

If you had asked me years ago, I wouldn’t have said that many Americans would visit or certainly would not be repeat visitors to Cuba.But based on many new, modern and mega size resorts which in many cases compare to Mexico or Dominican etc, I think that they will be able to compete in many areas for American tourists.

I don’t know if that will result in a big change of tourists from other countries not going there as much or any longer…it will ultimately come down to price and value for most people I am sure.

Many potential US tourists will still view Cuba as a communist country and not come, but on the other hand, they are a country of 300M+ people so it won’t take a large percentage of the population to flood the country.

I agree with the above comments, especially eeeefarm. Cuba is often considered the Walmart of vacation destinations, but Walmart seems to be doing pretty well in the US. If Cuba retains it’s price point it won’t be so much a matter of "where" people in the US vacation, it will be a matter of "if" they can vacation in the Caribbean at all. There may be a huge number that will now be able to afford it. Short term, the novelty factor will play a big role but long term it may be price that plays an even bigger role. This after all has historically been one of Cuba’s biggest advantages in the vacation market. They may be willing to stick with what works. They not be looking so much to draw vacationers from other destination, although that certainly will happen, but looking more at a new market of people who can afford to travel for the fist time or more often. I know a lot of people, myself included that never considered the Caribbean until looking at the prices for Cuba and saying;  Hey, maybe I CAN afford it. How bad could it be?

My feeling is the Americans will come at first and want to see for themselves but if Cuba stays pretty much the way it is, word will get out and the American tourists will drop off. Americans want posh and fancy service and when they don’t get it, and get it fast, they whine and complain. Once word gets out, only the cheap ones will come.
All the better for me.

Millions of Americans take vacations every year,they are just like most of the rest of us, plenty of them will like Cuba for all the same reasons we do, anybody who thinks that they are special and want all the bells and whistles ( sure some do, as do some Canadians, Europeans , etc. ) better give their head a shake. When/if the embargo for tourist travel is lifted they will definitely be there , some will like it, some will hate it, just like tourists from every other Country in the world.Those who like it will definitely return,exactly the same as we all do.

Let’s just count Cubans who live in the states who will go back to Cuba and bring family on vacation. There is 10 times more people in the states than in Canada so there will be 10 times more tourists like us who will love to travel and have cheap vacation.

I can see the passport issue being a deal break for some. They don’t need one now to travel to many places, so an extra cost to go to Cuba may not be worth it for many if that is the only place that is requiring that for now.But on the flip side, with all the Cuban’s in America who will be able to go back home to visit family, vacation etc in their home country now, we could demands for hotel rooms, flights and resorts up.

All I know is for now and into 2016 it looks like stats quo on prices for Cuban vacations for us Canadians.

I can see the passport issue being a deal break for some. They don’t need one now to travel to many places, so an extra cost to go to Cuba may not be worth it for many if that is the only place that is requiring that for now. Where can Americans fly to without a Passport besides Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands?Cheers,Terry
Well when you have options like Miami Beach, Vegas, California, Daytona Beach along with Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, that’s a lot of options with no need for a passport. But plenty of places to get sun and beach and vacation type villas and resort areas. Not to mention how cheap it is to get to these places when flying within the US.They don’t need to travel as much or as far for those things like us Canadians..I don’t think they need one to cruise either when leaving out of the US? All I know is that compared to Canadians that I talk to, a lot less American’s seem to have passports..
If you include domestic destinations then yes they have lots of options for sun/beach vacations.A smaller percentage of Americans have Passports than Canadians (or for that matter any so-called developed country) but it’s still a massive number of Passports – there’s over 120,000,000 active US Passports presently. It absolutely swamps the impact of Canadians travelling.Cheers,


I’m not sure they need them for cruises originating/returning to the US, either. However there are a lot of Americans who travel to Mexico, Jamaica, the DR and they need passports to do so.

I’m interested to see if prices in other Caribbean countries will fall when Americans discover Cuba.

That’s a good point that I hadn’t really considered. If there is a slow down for a period of time from American tourists in other Caribbean countries as many will want to visit and explore Cuba, perhaps prices may come down a little elsewhere.

Time will tell. I have nothing against American tourists at all, some of the most friendly I meet in my travels. But I enjoy Cuba the way it is now for many reasons that I can see changing once an influx of American tourists can freely visit.

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