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A colleague of mine told me last week that he had seen Cuban coffee at the supermarket… I was skeptical, but this morning, lo and behold, there was that oh-so-familiar black packaging… Yep! I found Cubita coffee at IGA in the Montreal area (I believe it’s called Sobey’s in other provinces)! Sure made my day!

For those in the Ottawa area who like Cuban coffee there is a coffee specialty shop in Aylmer that carries Cuban coffee beans that they’ll grind to suit. I can’t remember the name but they’re in the same mall as the Le Matinel and Casa Grecque restaurants.

anne , what was the price if you happened to notice? was just curious. I think I paid under 5 cuc for a 460 gram bag at the airport in santa clara 2 weeks ago.
I am having a cup right now! lol

lovethesummer: right you are!

The Cubita coffee was also offered in 230g packages ($6 something) and in tins of… instant coffee?! Now I’m thinking that I should have tried one of those tins – instant Cubita has got to be better than what passes as filter coffee in my office!!!

Which IGA Anne? I bought mine at the Louise Ménard IGA in Saint-Lambert (on Wilfrid-Laurier), found it the specialty coffee section at the front of the store. Not sure where my colleague saw it, but he also lives on the South Shore – I’ll ask him later today.

If it’s available at one store but not at yours, I’m pretty sure you can make a request to your store’s manager.

Whee!!!! Yup, it’s on the shelves in downtown Montreal as well. I just saw it (different sized packages all beautifully displayed) at the PA Grocery store on Fort and Ste-Catherine.

toto: I have a regular drip coffee maker, a Sunbeam, which I’ve had for at least 10 years! I have a brand new DeLonghi drip coffee maker still in its box, but I’m still quite satisfied with my old, no-frills Sunbeam! I drink it either black, or with warm milk which I "foam" up with a manual frother thingy that my aunt gave me. Delicious either way!

How about you and others? Anyone else brings back coffee from Cuba on every trip? How do you brew it?

In May & Dec 2002 we brought back some Cuba coffee and it tasted excellent. But in 2004 and up to Dec last year the coffee we brought home was not the same as before. Last Dec. one of a tour guide told us Cubina is the best coffee but we found the Costco Columbian is much much better and cheaper. We bought three Cuba coffe branches ( one in a red bag, Cubina in a black bag and one more which I do not remember the name) at the hotels and duty free shop. I am going back in three weeks may be the coffee better lthis time. Any suggestion. Thanks

AnneM, several years ago, I brought back a little coffee maker from Cuba – the steel ones with a mind of their own. I think I went a little crazy with it though because now I’m sick of Cubita. I enjoy it in Cuba now and then when I need a fix but at home, it’s not the same. Incidentally, I have had it perked in Cuba as we do it here and it’s pretty good when you’re dying for a Canadian style coffee.

martian Guest "… one of a tour guide told us Cubina is the best coffee but we found the Costco Columbian is much much better and cheaper…"

I don’t drink coffee, but I own a portion of a small coffee farm in Colombia and my coffee snob friends tell me it’s the best they’ve ever tasted. Even my uber-nationalistic Cuban pals admit that it’s way better than their home grown stuff… Coffee is to Colombia what cigars are to Cuba…

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