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Haven’t been back to Cuba since March, just wondering if the situation has changed re the possibility that
the CUCs become the official currency.

I’m thinking it will be something new. Spunky Enterprises has issued a Sell Order for CUCs, LOL

Good investment, Spunky!Zendudette, absolutely nothing has changed regarding the money situation.Cheers,


Still same regarding money in Cuba.

I’ve heard the currency will change in the next 2-3 months!

Oh wait, I hears that every trip for the last 2 years!

Seems this has been talked about for awhile now i agree.I don’t bring more than a few CUC’s back with me each time, so no biggie either way.

Once currecny would certainly be easier for everyone though wouldnt it?

The latest prediction I have heard as to when, is that it is supposed to happen sometime in 2016.
I don’t know whether that has any factual basis, or if it is just someone’s speculation.

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