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Hi there:Ok, I’m going to try this particular forum again…hope someone will give me the answers I need. Haven’t been to Jamaica for over 30 years so can’t remember anything!What is the currency used for tipping at the resort and/or buying souvenirs?Also the departure tax…is there one we pay in cash at the airport when leaving to go home (like Cuba and DR)? How much? I’m also trying to find an up to date resort map of the Grand Palladium Jamaica and Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton in Montego Bay. The one on the resort maps for Jamaica is not correct. We are only there for 4 nights (anniversary celebration) so I would really love a list of the buffet and a la carte restaurants there and which to definitely try in our short time there.

Thanks. Hope to hear from someone!

Lily – If my memory serves me correctly we tipped and purchased (mind you it was 7 years ago) in US $. Most of the prices were provided in US$. I don’t recall getting any Jamaican money while there.As for the departure tax, from what I’ve been reading on this forum is that if you are flying on a Canadian airline it’s included in your ticket price. I’m not sure if it is from elsewhere.

Hope you have a great anniversary.

Byan is right…I was there last month….US cash everywhere and when flying with Canadian(or at least Transat or Nolitorus) the depature tax was taken care of…


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