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[quote=@eloisegirl]It’s official – this is on my Next Time I’m in Cuba List – the other bottle of Ron Legendario Elixir de Cuba I have is from a previous trip from Santiago de Cuba – got it at the old Sears (really! it used to be a Sears back in the 1950s!) near Plaza del Martes.

Next time I hope to pick up the Ron Mulata Gran Reserva 15 yr for 75 CUC, as well as another Seleccion des Maestros (haven’t cracked it open yet but I hear it is EVEN BETTER than the Barrel Proof), and some Elixir as well.

Every main square always has that one CUC store with a large selection, mostly pumping Havana Club, but there’s always a few of the ones I like, such as Ron Caney. I figure I can buy HC here at home, get the rare hidden hard-to-find stuff. (First sign of Alcohol Hoarding Disorder – the disorder I’ve invented.)

Does anyone else have something they just can’t get enough of from Cuba? Once in a while I see cream rum drinks, they look like a bottle of eggnog. Looks interesting. I would also being interested in bringing back their Grenada (pomegranate syrup) but it’s 13 % alcohol. Most Grenadine is just plain syrup. No wonder it’s so good in a rum punch!


You are a baaaad influence ;D ;D The only licor I’ve brought home is the Pina for making La Candela drinks. Now I’ll be adding the Granada to my “expanding” list, lol.

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