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hotel is located with view of harbour,but there’s nothing to look at just open sea,outside hotel all the roads have been ripped up for major roadworks,this hotel was just full of prostitutes and scamsters and hustlers,i was very disapointed with this hotel sercurity just let anyone in to hotel,when i and other guests were sitting at the bar,hustlers would come in to hotel and hang around,they would sit next to you at the bar start conversation then hustle you,i was personley scammed out of 170 cuc £100 english on my first day by someone who hangs around the hotel claiming to be sercurity there,i went to reception and asked for the police to be called nothing was done,the hotel has a nightclub downstairs which is full of prostitutes,security at this hotel take bribes for customers to bring hookers up to their rooms,the bar area where they served food was over run with cochroaches,staff who worked at the bar were very rude,and would ignore you when u wanted a drink,the only good thing about this hotel was the pool on the 6th floor,which was full of old men with young cuban girls….i was very upset by the way i was treated by staff at this hotel,talking to other guests at the hotel it seems that everyone was having the same problems as me,the women on the money exchange on the 1st floor would not tell you the exchange rate but would just change your money and hand it to you,she was one of the rudest people ive ever met,she had a computer showing all the different exchange rates but when you exchanged your money you would not get the advertised rate…

Room Block:
next to swimming pool

no bell boy u have to find your own room

rooms were clean but need upgrading bed needed changing springs were gone

Restaurants and Bars:
restaurants at hotel sell very limited menu

good pool on 6th floor

Other Comments:
be aware havana is full of men trying to get you to change your cuc pesos into cuban pesos which have no value….

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