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faster to click on the speaker then click mute. No, wait, faster to not have to do it.

Sprockets and noise.. Aaaarghhh! Must be getting old. You don’t have to be old to agree with "Flash is evil!" Anywhere that uses Flash for their main page is just asking for trouble – Adblock Plus is your friend.
Thanks trent, I’ve sent some more or less subtle notes to our editor who isn’t stupid.Everyone knows "Flash is Evil" but our new guys are learning. Isn’t there a faster script that does the same job without grabbing all that bandwidth?I’ve never had to block this site but now I’m avoiding the Home page (and the advertisements) because of the "cute" flash.

I’d rather not block ads so this site can get some income.

Brand new Debbies Forum on January 2, 2010.Thanx Terry for mentioning One tiny detail …

It is a new Debbie, not a new forum

Spunky:New flash which is half the MB size is under construction

Thanx for worrying

Adobe shows Flash compatibility with Win7 but doesn’t specify the enhanced 64bit functionality. Flash in home/splash pages is a site killer. How fast can you click "Back"?Flash in option pages is fine. We know the site and are interested in the sub pages so we put up with the slow graphics to see what else is there.My first concern is we might lose new members who are familiar with bad sites that use Flash and they don’t stay around long enough to find out about us.Yesterday it was 18 seconds and today it took 37 seconds to load what was the cached home page. By then, new users might be in a forum and all of a sudden there’s that electronic surf noise that might need muting, depending on where you are.My second concern is the image of our Debbie, in a beach bar, waving at crabs and planes. A new Debbie? I guess so!More like a "4 Hour Hottie"Just got back from a live "Ron James" show.Maybe some of that jeeezley attitude rubbed off.

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