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As a follow on to my previous posting about Debbie’s logos etc; I had some buttons made up. I think the results are quite good, true to the intent as a discreet “Debbie’s forum person” identifier. They are 1½ inches in diameter and have a closing tab on the back, and are quite suitable for camera bag straps or beach bags – maybe even crocs… I had trouble with reflections so the the blue edging is more accurate on the button resting on the pen.So, if you want one, send me a pm and I’ll send you my address. You can then send me a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope). Your cost? 2 stamps and you are on your honour to give a loonie or toonie to NJT or the Dubois Charitable Foundation. If this is not possible, maybe a donation to Pastor Eddie and if all else fails, then perhaps to the Tim Horton’s summer camp fund ‘cause we ALL live near a Timmys! We are unable to visit Cuba this winter, if we were we would have spent more on gifts (guitar strings, working gloves, etc.) than the buttons cost, so I figure it’s a fair I have been in contact with Debbie ans she has no problem with this idea.

You’re awesome!

I’m going to PM you now! Do you (or anyone else) know if there is an online place for donations to NJT? I know there is one in St. Catharines…..atleast that’s where I have picked up in the past. I’ll do some digging and see if I can find out!

bearman Guest Very Nice Phlatlanders. Even if people have never heard of Debbie’s (there are still a few) the button can be a conversation starter. As we continue to connect and expand, together we can accomplish so much more for NJT and Dubois. It was through the forum that we connected with the Dubois Foundation and have been very successful in securing hospital beds, medicines, toiletries, and clothing over this past year. You never know what can happen when the seed of an idea is planted.

For general knowledge to readers – are those "pinned" backs and if so they may have to go in checked baggage until we reach our destination?

Good question bearman.Yes, there is a pin on the back, it has it’s own method of staying put, but it is a pin. Given today’s travel precautions it would be better stored in your checked baggage, at least departing Canada.

Well, my original order for 25 pins are spoken for. The response has been more than I anticipated! Perhaps when people read about these pins they are of several opinions; a good idea, I can do it myself, or maybe it’s a come-on. Well, it’s simply as originally stated.My big CSS birthday is coming this October, which would be a good time to start this thread again, just before the next winter season. If you are still interested in getting this kind of button with the same caveats (no direct cost other than postage but you are on your honour to make a donation as mentioned in the original posting), you can wait for the October posting or if you email me, I will store your request until then.

Thanks to all responders!

The buttons are a great idea, phlatlanders.Based on your original thread, I created, for our recent trip to Cuba, luggage tags. See photos:

They were very simple to make using a sheet of labels and laminating them at work. I then attached them using plastic ties.

That looks really sharp! Smart idea! I can’t really see the details so is that the word "Debbie’s" below the image?
Hola PhlatlandersThe pins arrived today for me and Wossa.Thank You very much to going to the trouble of making them as well as mailing them to us.They will be of great use to us in Honduras this March as we hope to be hooking up with another Forum member for drinks the day before we leave the resort.

It will now be impossible for them to miss us since we will be wearing our pins on our shirts that day.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…………

I received mine too and it is awesome. I think I will try and make some luggage tags too!

That looks really sharp! Smart idea! I can’t really see the details so is that the word "Debbie’s" below the image?

Yes it is. I didn’t bother putting more as I figured those on Debbie’s would recognize the logo and name

Got my pins today! To be worn on the next trip south. Thanks a bunch!


Well, all of Feb/Mar button orders are delivered or in the mail. It may be interesting to note where in Canada the buttons went; Burlington ON, Calgary AL, Dorchester ON, Worsley AL, Peterborough ON, Nauwigewauk NB, Toronto ON (3x), Edmunston NB, Winchester ON, Chesterton NS, Mississauga ON, Vermillion Bay ON, St.Catharines ON, Echo Bay NS.We Canadians like to travel to Cuba so, to put things in distance context;

(all distances in statute miles "as the crow flies")

Halifax - Veradero 1815 Halifax - Vancouver 2753Montreal - Varadero 1608 Montreal - Vancouver 2271Toronto - Varadero 1423 Toronto - Vancouver 2075Winnipeg - Varadero 2041 Winnipeg - Vancouver 1156Calary - Varadero 2584
Vancouver - Varadero 2883

And for our many British members:

London UK - Rome IT 897London UK - Toronto 3548
London UK - Varadero 4603

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