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Thanks to Eddie and Company we have a nice new look .. and new reviews.

Sorry, I don’t see any changes. Which new look are you referring too?

By the way Spunky, I like your handle, our first dog was called Spunky and he is dearly missed even after many years!

The front page. Google Chrome is showing a new format here and it looks great.
New reviews for the first time in ages too.

I found it by clicking on the "Reviews for other Caribbean countries".

It will be something we will have to get used to.

I’m just thankful that the formatting for many of the reviews is back to normal. For a few weeks now a majority of the paragraphs were all smashed together. I sent a message in pointing out this problem some time ago and got no response… But I guess they were working on stuff.I don’t see a difference (nobody uses Chrome) but I’m glad the reviews are back to being user-friendly.
nobody uses Chrome.

Huh… I do! And seems like Spunky does too… Does that make us "nobody"…?!

nobody uses Chrome.

Huh… I do! And seems like Spunky does too… Does that make us "nobody"…?!

Add me to the list! Firefox is my favourite, but I also use Chrome. Not a bad browser, IMHO. (anything beats IE )

For interest sake I did a comparison with 3 different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer) and see only subtle differences in the way the page displays. I do think it looks a bit "cleaner" and the new reviews no longer have a link to a page, just individual…..otherwise I don’t see a lot of difference from before. Oh, and for some reason I get a Sunquest ad on IE, and American Express ad on the other two, just beneath the headings…..I tried refresh, and it still turns out that way. Curious….

Does this not look different? Or did I forget to refresh my browser for a month?
Go to Then hit Refresh/Reload.

Interesting to see what ads are targeted at Safari users. Apple Vacations? LOL

nobody uses Chrome.

Huh… I do! And seems like Spunky does too… Does that make us "nobody"…?!

Sorry AnneM, that’s not how I meant it. You’re definitely a somebody!But relatively speaking, there are very few Chrome users. IE currently enjoys about 70% of the usage share for web browsers, with Firefox coming in a distant second with about 20%. I think Chrome currently accounts for 2-3%, but it’s growing.

Hi all you Debbers,

First of all nice to meet you

My native language is not English but I do my best Thank you Spunky to bring this issue up.We are indeed working on a New Look for the Debbie websites, and this is just the beginning

For now …

The biggest challenge was because of some reason the banners with Google advertisements were out of line in the Chrome browser, in Explorer all was ok technically spoken.We are currently working on a bit fresher look … for now, better to navigate and we are posting all reviews as you were used to in the past.

For the future …

The Debbie website will be stunning, just wait and see, but, it will take some months before we go live with a brand new format. We all are working like "elefantes" to get it all done before December but this is no promiss ok?

What you can do for us (and yourself in the end)

Let us know your wishes, what you miss in the Debbie website, what you want to change, what you think is fun … anyway … just let us know, now is the time to do your Caribbean ciberspace wishesEditor Debbies Websites,

… on behalf of The Debbie Team

Also, when you click on a Review of Hotels Thread, it would be nice if I click on Brisas Sierra Mar to read reviews, that there would be a couple of shots giving a sense of the place, i.e., the pool area, the beach, a vista. I may read a great review but just like online dating, that one picture can tell me if it is a Yes or a No!

When I click on the Cuban Hotel Reviews, go to Santiago, then click on BSM – at the top of the reviews, two or three pics would be nice. Not wildly necessary, I can use the Google image search.

I don’t feel this thread is travel related. Shouldn’t it be moved to a "General Interest" section of the board dealing with such matters are board look and structure, not in the Cuba section? I can’t believe it’s lasted here this long. Usually the mods are so quick to jump on this.

SharonAnn, thank you for pointing this out and I have, now, moved it. Please keep in mind that the moderators are not on the forum 24/7 and our periodic visits are to make sure things are running smoothly. If a thread gets started under the wrong area of the forum, it gets moved once the mods are aware.

What happened to the link for the resort maps. I see one for the photos but not the maps.

Hi Prrollt,No idea since I am new in this project but I will find out and will be sure everyone can find all he/she wants in a minute …

Besides this, within a few months the whole website will be transformed into the best Caribbean Reviews Website of the world-wide-web

editor – I’m not sure how you are going to do that since Debbie’s already was "the best Caribbean Reviews Website of the world-wide-web" but I’m looking forward to your "improvements".!

Good job so far! Keep up the good work.

I really like the new streamlined look. Seems easy to navigate. The link to the site with photos with the reviews looks great!

Does anyone know where I can find the map for Playa Coste Verde? I have a friend going in a couple of weeks and would like to show her.Thanks,


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