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Hi everyone, luvsun and northgal this one may be for you…Just rec’d a call from my travel agent, she informs me that we can now book the 10/4 split.

Luvsun, i think you had just returned and did the split too. I remember reading somewhere that it was offered at the resort because the "overbooked".

if it was one of you’s do you recall if they charged you to do this, and if so, how much? My agent is quoting us 150.00 per person over and above what we have already booked for. thanks again for your helped.and yep, you read it rite! we are booked for March 07. Two weeks. No kids this time. Can’t wait! LOL

Hi lynn,We had selected that vacation from the beginning and so just paid a set amount for the whole 14 days. Too bad that you will have to pay the extra money but trust me, it will be worth it.

If you have any questions about either resort, you can p.m. me if you would like….Good for you and your dh getting away by yourselves on this trip! Have fun!


lynnb when we were at the hotel and it was overbooked they did not charge us anymore for the transfer. When we booked the 10/4 from canada there was a charge. Keep in mind that although being in the city is great for doing things, this time we found the claim that the Decapolis was all inclusive was not really true. You could only eat breakfast and dinner at the buffet and the food was not all that great. In fact we complained to the restaurant manager. The lunch at the a la carte is awesome though and if you don’t like the food it is pretty cheap to eat out. Also not all drinks are included. ls

hey thanks for the info, hard question… would you do that again? i really like the idea of being able to see the canal – w/o the 2 hour tour drive, plus being that close to the airport as we leave… (more snoozing)
we are not fussy eaters, but that’s okay if we need to grab a bite some place else. now the cocktails may be an issue!!! lol actually after 14 days i sometimes feel "full" so that’s okay too. the a la carte is included tho correct?

We are thinking of doing the 10/4 split with the Decameron and the Gamboa Rainforest Resort offered through Nolitours. Would anyone recommend this?

okay, have made the decision and we are going for the 10/4 with panama city. Read back on some reviews and we will deal with any situations that come up. Besides the fact that we are 20 min, not 2 hours from the airport on our return home, i am looking forward to spending the whole 10 days at the resort – with maybe a trip to the little town to shop and anton, then when we get to the city, will take in the canal and more shopping and hey, why not the spa??

Great decision, lynnb! You will love being at the resort for the 10 days. When you see people leaving the Decameron after your first 7 days, you can go down to the beach with a smile on your face, knowing you aren’t leaving yet!! ;D I have heard from so many people that 7 days is too short, and 14 is too long. The consensus seems to be that 10 days is perfect. I think I agree. Yes, take the little van to "Paynomoney" and even rent a car to see the Anton Valley. Both are fun excursions. Since we were at the Gamboa for the last days, the trip to the airport was so enjoyable since it was much shorter than from the coast. Lucky you being actually in P.C. If you can swing it, do go out to the Gamboa for a day trip…you won’t be disappointed. When are you going?


hey Northgal, i really feel comfortable now that the decision has been made. Unfortunately, it won’t be until march. the 4 other ppl we are going with enjoy it at the end of the season more than the actual "winter break" that we enjoy. That’s okay, cause i’m going to Panama! that’s a great way to remember the little town, paynomoney. luv it.

Speaking of Anton Valley, did you try the excursion also? or just rent the vehicle and go on your own. We’ve never rented a vehicle before while on holidays, guess a bit nervous. Not the driving as much as the little extras. Do you purchase insurance here? or there? Credit card i imagine for payment… no problems with that ever?

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