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Trying to find out if the Aquarium has Irons and Ironing boards….

No ironing boards but tons of college and university students when we were there from South America. Not the greatest of times

stills, what time of year was it when you were there with all the students?
WE have looked at going to SAI but opted for El Salvador again this year.

March and Easter time is full of young partying Colombians…much more enjoyable when they don’t have school breaks.

thanks I wasn’t sure if the south american young ppl had the same time frame off as far as march break. I actually thought it might have been a different time that stills was referring to.

Yes I prefer to book at a little quieter time.

just booked this hotel for March. Air transats sight says there are no shuttles anymore to take you between hotels. Are there buses? Anything anyone has to say about this hotel would be appreciated. Thanks

selectivedi1 Guest

No buses on the island. There are taxes everywhere and quite cheap.

Yes, there are plenty of local buses that run until 8:30 pm at night. They cost 1100 pesos (or approx 60 cents US) per trip. The two buses the Decameron hotel guests use mostly are Centro which takes you from the Decameron San Luis to downtown area and Decameron Maryland at the beginning of the boardwalk or to get back to the Decameron San Luis, you hop on the bus that says San Luis. I used the bus system every day last November while staying at the Marazul. I went to Rocky Cay, San Luis, downtown to shop, etc. Taxis during the day are inexpensive; e.g. $5.00 to go from the Aquarium to San Luis. After 8:30, that price escalates to $15.00 (for instance).

Lovesun…….google Big Juice San Andres Island for tons of info and a very active forum for SAI.

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