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I am booking my trip to the Decameron in the U.S. and will not be able to book transportation to the resort because it is not offered. I have read many reviews, but am still unsure what is the best/most economical option.What are your recommendations? I have read about taking a mini-van from "Panama Tours", someone said you could take a bus for $4/person, others have rented cars. Any advice would be much appreciated. My soon to be wife and I are very much looking forward to visiting Panama for the first time on our honeymoon!
mbaucum: While surfing the internet I came across this:Paste:Transportation to the resort – The Royal Decameron offers a shuttle service to the resort.

You must make arrangements beforehand by email [email protected] The round trip cost is $30 per person.


Thank you Bebbie. I have researched quite a bit and had not run into that information. I guess I was looking in the wrong places!

Does anyone know if another alternative (other than renting a car), that is cheaper?

I book from the US but have friend in Panama City that pick me up at the airport and then we either go to the resort together or they take me to the bus station and I take a bus. Probably the best option is the shuttle service that Bebbie wrote about. Renting a car may not be too expensive but the driving through the city is crazy. I have been to Panama 11 times and have not yet had the courage to get behind the wheel.

Mbaucum: When are you planning on going?Have you inquired into the transportation to and from the airport?Keep us informed.


I am going June 10-17. I have not inquired about the transportation yet , and probably won’t until a little closer to our departure. I will be sure to let you know what I found out though.

I did one inquiry with a private tour company, . Here is the reply I received:Hi. It would be a pleasure to help you out with ground transportationfrom Tocumen International Airport to Decameron Resort.This trip is about a 2 and l/2 hour trip.****I could do this for a total of $l75.00. This price includescar/gas/bilingual chofer. This way the chofer can be talking to you andexplaining some of our countryside/culture, etc.Here is a bit more information on what my company does. Please let me knowif you need me to book this for you and/or any other tour of Panama Cityand/or nearby surroundings.Saludos from PanamaJudy TovarEasy Travel PanamaCellular (507) 6617-4122

A little too steep for me, will keep looking!

I went to the Decameron, way back in March 2003, as part of a package tour – so, the shuttle was included, etc. I’m figuring the Decameron shuttle is your best bet.But I just wanted to note that, in case you change your mind about driving at any time during the trip, you can rent a car from National, which has an outlet right at the resort. Back then, it was about $50 (US) a day, with all taxes and insurance included – unlimited mileage.We didn’t drive in Panama City, but driving was safe and easy in the countryside and on the Pan-American Highway. It was a great way to get to the mountains, villages, etc.

All the same, you may just want to stay on the resort, this being a honeymoon and all … And I have to tell you that, the Decameron Playa Blanca was a fantastic experience, I hope to repeat some day. I’m sure it’ll be ideal for your honeymoon.

mbaucum: While surfing the internet I came across this:Paste:Transportation to the resort – The Royal Decameron offers a shuttle service to the resort.

You must make arrangements beforehand by email [email protected] The round trip cost is $30 per person.

Bebbie Thank you for posting this info Bebbie. I emailed this address about 45 minutes ago, and now have my transfers booked. They responded and confirmed my transportation very quickly. Will let you all know if it actually goes smooth once I get there!

23 days until Panama!

Mbaucum, that is fantastic. I am glad it was a legitimate statement. Please let us know if it worked out, perhaps it is something we could consider when we return in January. Hopefully you and your bride will love the country and resort as much as we did. Go with a positive attitude and everything will fall into place.
Bebbie,The shuttle service listed above was absolutely legitimate. I booked our transfer from the airport to the resort through the email address that you found (listed in a post higher up in this thread). This service is offered by "Decameron Explorer" which also provides the excursions away from the resort. When we got to the airport, we simply went to the Decameron desk (there were also people holding signs to help direct you to the desk), paid for our transfer, and then were off in a matter of minutes. They had my reservation there at the desk and everything was as stated to me in the emails.It cost us $32 per person, roundtrip, for the transfer. You pay that at the desk in the airport, then keep your receipt to show them for your ride back. On the way to RD we were in a small van/bus with about 5 other people. It was cramped, but our driver was good and we made it there in about an hour and a half. On the way back to the airport there was only 1 other person in the bus with us, so it was much more comfortable. Again, our driver was very professional and very good. If you are not travleing with one of the group tours and you need to find your own ride to the resort, I would highly recommend this service. Very affordable and easy to set up.

p.s. Those of you you who are experienced at traveling in Panama already know this, but if you are traveling on your own, watch out for the older gentlemen in the maroon uniforms as you are exiting the baggage pickup at the airport. They will just grab your luggage and take it for you, then charge you $2 for it when they get you where you are going. There was some confusion with us being 1st time travelers there, as we first thought that they might be with RD. They didn’t speak hardly any English, so they used that to their advantage.

That is great that everything worked out well in regards to your transportation. Hopefully we will hear from you on your experience in Panama. All positive perhaps?!

You know, I never even thought about the luggage handlers at the airport. No matter where we go, we avoid them with a passion. Only because about twenty years ago we were had in another country. The guy didn’t even take our luggage to the bus. Carried it a short way – deposited it and put his hand out. We gave him something, but sure learnt from that experience.

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