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Hi everyone, I’m leaving in march for san Andres, we’re staying at the San Luis. I found some review of this hotel on the net, but they are old…did someone went at the San Luis recently, or at any of the ecameron??? What are the activity at the hotel beach (catamaran, seiling….???)How is the night life, what are the cool place in the city…

I want to know evrything!!!

Thank’s for your answer…and sorry for my bad english!!! Sunlover

Hi Sunlover! (Nice handle, by the way!) Don’t worry, your english is great. I’ve heard mixed reviews about SAI, and since I’ve never been myself, I can only tell you what I’ve heard and researched. San Luis is the property where the beach is across the street from your hotel, however the good news is, it’s said to be one of the best beaches on the Island. San Andres is commonly referred to as the "little Jamaica"… a mix of Latino and African roots can only mean one heck of a great party place! I do not know about specific places for nightlife off the resort, but I do know of a forum that will be able to answer such questions:

Another link you will probably like to check out that will give you some good information about the hotel services and activities as well as some pictures:

As you can see, San Andres is on my wish list! ;DMake sure you contact me when you return, but I’ll PM my email address to you in the meantime.


Thank you very much sunlvr!!! And be sure I’ll get back to you as soon as I come back!See ya!


Hi, I have been to SAI, you will have a special time on this island. It is nothing fancy, but the local people you will meet will make your time unforgotable.I was bite by SAI magic a few years ago and I know I will return one day.San Luis is a very rustic type of resort, very clean, very good food. You are able to take advantages of all the Decameron’s on san andres.

have a very good vacation

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