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Dec 1 1- 25, 2008.

We flew with transat and everything went well on the way done, landing and imagration were a breeze. Very warm when we landed, nice. We were whisked away in a taxi, with our luggage tied in the trunk as others stated. We were at the hotel in under 5 minutes.

We were on the second floor, oceanview, large beautiful room. We had a few problems, hot water occasionally, airconditioner seemed to stop working by morning, but we lived. Beds were hard, but we survived and stiff joints worked there way out quickly. There was a bad waterstain in our room but for the price, who am i to complain, it didn’t hurt us. Maid did a great job and we left her little gifts everyday.

Restaurants and Bars:
There is only a buffet here but the food was terrific and plentiful, good variety. Service was very good, staff seemed very determined to have us learn spainish which was okay with me. The pool bar was okay but the beach bar was often deserted and only made mixed drinks or cervasa. We tipped occassionally and all was good. Cigarettes were free at all the bars.

Pool was okay, but cold, beach was okay for tanning, little rocky and rough for swimming but nice public beach is only a few minutes walk, could have lunch and drinks at the Decameron on the beach.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
There were no activities at this resort, but we did go for a show at the other resorts. We did the zip-line which was amazing and cheap, once we found it. We also went snorkleing and playing with the stingrays which i found to be the most amazing thing i had ever done. We toured the island with a golf-cart one day and had lunch at the San Luis.

Other Comments:
Weather was mid 80’s every day and sunny, every morning had 15 minutes of rain then sunny and hot. We had a great time and would recommend it to anyone. The Maryland is a smaller resort with lots of families in and out every 3 or 5 days from south america, colubia or peru, etc. If your looking for more night-life i would recommend one of the larger decameron’s. The only complaint i have is Transat decided to combine our flight with montreals flight and we were diverted to montreal, before we got to go home. I had booked non-stop flights and not even sure how they got away with it, but i did send in a complaint and will see how it goes.

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