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Just wondering if anyone has stayed at the Maryland on SAI. What are the rooms like, the food and restaurants, the beach etc. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

The Maryland is very small, approx 60 rooms. The food is very good plus you have the option of eating at any of the other Decameron hotels on the island by making a reservation the day before. The beach isn’t so nice at the Maryland but 5 minute walk down the boardwalk takes you in front of the Decameron Isleno (currently closed for renovations) but the beach here is amazing. The hotel does not have entertainment in the evening so you will have to take a shuttle or walk to the Aquarium or shuttle to the Marazul or San Luis to see their shows. There is a shuttle leaving the San Luis after the show back to the other Decamerons. The Maryland is right under the flight path to the airport so the planes come and go all day and fly just over your head. Some people find that fascinating; others, annoying.

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