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We got back on Monday Jan 23, 2006 from Panama. We had a great time. The only food complaint was the potatoes were always salty… But the Pinapple was to die for!I was getting worried by the negative reviews, but I think there was something else wrong for the people to give negative reviews.1. language barier. It’s their country! I learned a few phrases and if you try, they try. The tour guides and frontline staff knew english and french, the bartenders knew their drinks. The serving staff were thrilled if you knew how to order your coffee in their language. Also, be polite!!! gracias and por favor goes a long way!2. Food.. I enjoyed the difference in foods and flavours. if you want it all to taste the same as back home… stay home!!!3. Air Conditioners. Our’s worked fine, our neighbours didn’t work… we turned ours off when we left as it’s requested… she left hers on constantly and the chiller froze over and stopped working. BTW, the cleaner will turn it back on for you when they clean the room so it’s nice and cold when you get in from your day on the beach.The only problem with the resort was the other guests. Smoking is permitted so they smoke at the dinner table. Not the normal for Ontario, but still normal for Quebec and the other countries that visit the Decameron.Be sure to go to the orientation given by Nolitours (if that is who you are going through). They give a lot of great ideas and information.We went on 2 tours… The Canal and Shopping. It was nice to go out and the information from the tour guide was great.we also went on the Dinner and Night Safari. It was great, the dinner was amazing and the tour was great. I just wish we’d gone on the day safari as well.Be sure to say hola or buonas díaz as you pass the staff, they will respond with a smile.We were in building 12… definately worth the extra to be in the lower section of the resort.adiós
Glad to hear your trip was good!!! We were in Building 14 and I agree that it was worth the cost…so much goes on down at the oceanfront that it is handy being able to scoot back to your room quickly if you need something….

Northgal 🙂

good review rob I can feel your enthusiasm reading it. I agree with you …. don’t understand the negative reviews …one would have to dig pretty deep to have any complaints about the decameron.

I agree that it would be hard to find complaints about the Decameron but amazingly I heard quite a few from the people there. They were complaining about having to get up early to book their specialty restaurants; complaining about the stairs; complaining about the food; and so on. I wish people would read about a resort before they go so they would know there were stairs and the restaurant thing seemed a bit overboard for me. You could always book some specialty restaurants later in the day and there was nothing wrong with spending a few evenings in the buffet, excellent food there as well.
I think some people are just cronic complainers……

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