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We just returned from 3 weeks in Dominica. We stayed in Sea Cliff Cottages outside of Calibishie (pop. 1700) on the North East Coast and enjoyed a stunning sea scape from our veranda. As there is very little interest in Dominica on this forum I am not going to post a lengthy review. Dominica is a beautiful and largely unspoiled volcanic island. There is no international airport so getting to and from the island is a bit awkward. The capitol, Roseau appeared a bit seedy, especially on the outskirts but the rest of island seemed safe enough. Nonetheless one tourist couple had their belongings stolen while in the water at Bai’Tibou beach near where we stayed. Everyone seemed to know about the incident and had theories on the culprits. Bai’Tibou is quite remote and unpopulated. Portsmouth on the Northwest coast benefits from having Ross University located there. It appears more prosperous than the capitol about 50km. away. A new road and seawalls are being built between the two communities by the government of China and a new water supply line is paralleling the road.We traveled about by local buses, on foot and by taxi. We were able to purchase bread, prepared food, fresh fish, eggs and veggies from vendors that drove by frequently. Other supplies we picked up in Calibishie and Portsmouth.
wossa Guest I just spent a week on a dive boat with an American guy who was really well travelled and completed thousands of dives all over the world. When we were chatting about our favourite places to dive, this guy was mad about Dominica, he said he had had the best time diving and would go back in a flash.He did say it was a pain in the ass to get too and to carry heavy diving equipment, but said once there, it was fantastic. I know nothing about Dominica, but I have started to look into it as a place to visit possibly in 2012.Did you happen to see any diving activities whilst there ? Did you snorkel or get any impression of the quality of the reefs etc ?

There are lots of Dive shops on the Caribbean side. The Atlantic side where we were was pretty churned up the whole time we were there. We only got in once (near Roseau) and it was to see a volcanic vent that releases bubbles. We didn’t see any bubbles just a sand bottom and some mediocre coral. Best snorkelling I have experienced was off Laughing Bird Cay from Placencia Belize.

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