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Thinking of going to St. Lucia over Christmas this year. Where do people suggest staying?? Looking for a nice beach, all-inclusive with good food, with clean rooms, day trips available e.g., snorkelling. . Any favourites????

Hi Sunny12345, stayed at Coconut Bay Resort in April 07. First let me say ST Lucia is a beautiful Island, with lot’s to see, however, you might want to check out some other place, I say this only because a nice beach and snorkeling is high on your list . The beach at Coconut Bay was small and not what I would call nice. I believe there are a lot of other beaches a lot nicer at the other end of the Island. That being said we had a great time on St. Lucia. Beautiful Scenery, Go see the titons !! ( spelling ? )
Well sunny, nice Beaches and day trips, hard to go wrong with Varadero, just about any resort on that beach is good lots of off resort things to do ! But do some research first, so you can pick out one suitable for you , Also Punta Cana has beautiful beach, and lots of off resort activities, the only down side was no villages or towns nearby , so if it rains , well a good book is necessary ! Food in both these places ( Iberostar Varadero in Cuba and Melia Caribe in Punta Cana ) was excellent, my preference was Varadero, when it sprinkled one day went in to Varadereo, 8-). We have stayed at this resort twice and loved it ! ;D ;D

Good luck with your search

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