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1st time to Jamaica coming up in May. Does anyone know if the Departure tax is already included in the AI package of Nolitours flying on Canjet? Thank you

Flew Nolitours in March..was included. Wasn’t a Canjet plane, but I don’t think the charter type would matter, would be the company you booked through.

Thanks Monctonguy, I’m assuming that the transfer from the airport to hotel and back is provided as it is with all AI packages from here? (new location learning curve, lol)

Nevermind, I just checked the package online (drats, the price has dropped! $300 less than we paid, oh well). Transfers are included.

haha..never check the price after you book, it always drops… But i am guilty of doing the same…Yes, transfers are all included…they are with most carrier’s in most resort countries…Any other questions..feel free to ask. You are going to enjoy!

What resort?

I normally don’t check back, but I was really happy (and still am) with the price I paid for my trip. I just which that I had known of someone that was looking for a deal. I spread the word, so hopefully someone would have been able to take advantage of the deal. : )

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