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So we have been all set and there is now 6 weeks until our fabulous wedding at Breezes Varadero. We found out today that Signature Vacations is changing the flight times out of Calgary! And actually, not just the times, but the days! Our original dates were Saturday May 19 until the 26, and now we fly on Monday May 21 until the following Monday!! This means that we now need to call all of our guests and hope that they can get 2 extra days off work (we don’t get in until midnight, so they will also need part of Tuesday off too!).

Not only that but we will also probably have to change the date of our wedding so that we have enough time to get organized once we are there! We have it planned for Wednesday the 23rd but may have to change to either the Thursday or Friday.

If you read some other posts in the Cuba section this has happened to other people with different carriers, but everyone has a great outlook – In the end, you still get a vacation!

Deep breaths, everything will still work out fine. In the end, this is not a decision you made to inconvienience your guests, it was totally out of your control. I am sure they will understand. Air Carriers have been known to do this and it’s happening more so around this time of year. Once your there with your husband to be and your guests, all will be right in the world. I mean, you’ll be in paradise marrying the love of your life, what could be better! If you arrive on Monday, you can still have your wedding on Wednesday as planned. This will give you plenty of time to arrange things.
Like Newfie2 said, you really only need one day to go over all the details, so you could still have your wedding on the Wednesday.And actually May 21 is the Cdn holiday so you won’t have to worry about getting that day off just the Monday you come back.It did happen to us but we were more fortunate that it was moved from the Sat to the Sun but it still felt like an inconvenience so I understand how you feel.

Make the best of it and I’m sure everything will work out.

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