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Hi there!I am planning a wedding in Varadero and I was wondering what is involved in hiring a photographer from home.Has anyone here hired a photographer from Canada for their destination wedding? What are the costs involved. Were you friends with them already? I’m sure it would be expensive-but the photos seem to be SO much better than the ones from the Cuban photographer the resort provides.

thx ahead for any advice on this!

I didn’t but when I got my engagement pics done I asked my photographer after he had mentioned he’s done it before. He told me it was basically to pay his way there as far as costs were concerned. And he said he would take pics throughout the week. Kind of wish we would have done it.

We are bringing a photographer with us. We are paying her way as well as a small fee for the pics. She is covering our wedding day as well as a second day to do "trash the dress" session. I wouldn’t go without one. Research a lot of photographers because the prices vary. Ours is coming from Toronto so the travel cost is a bit less.

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