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It was so sad to see the latest review of the Gamboa Rainforest Resort by Laura and Nathan here at Debbies. That Nolitours has ruined a 5* resort is a travesty. The service at the buffet was bad enough when we were there. So to consider that it has even dropped in quality is quite disturbing.

What could have been a truly great resort, considering its unique location, sounds like has become a low quality vacation spot. What a shame! I am glad we went when we did!


Northgal,The review you’re refering to was written in Dec, but if you read properly, their trip was actually made almost 1 year ago, in Jan. If you read the 2nd review which is mine, you’ll see that we were there the month after, in Feb……. and absolutely loved it!!!When we go on holiday, we try not to expect too much and we’re usually pleasantly surprised. Just my 2 pesos…

We’ll be at the Gamboa in exactly [glow=red,2,300]27 days[/glow] for 2 weeks (second time in 2 yrs) and we’ll write an updated review when we return.

Thanks, theponder!

What the heck would possess anyone from entering a review that much later after the trip? I paid absolutely no attention to the date info since the review was registered as of Dec 06. I consider that very inappropriate to submit a review that much after the fact. Who has time to actually "compute" trip times? Grrrrrrrr.


I have seen that happen a few times. It’s like some people figure they have to send a bad review of a resort if there are a lot of good reviews. The reason???? Who knows.
Rest assured, we were just there in December and have a hard time finding anything to complain about. Sure, there were a few times we waited for condiments or what have you, but honestly, is that really something to complain about??? We received far better service at the Gamboa than many other 5* resorts we’ve travelled to. In fact the food was the second best we have ever had at a resort, next to Couples in Jamaica which was 3x the price of the Gamboa.I read some of the negative reviews and couldn’t believe it. One person said "if you want to birdwatch all day this is the place for you" . . . well duh, it is a rainforest/nature resort. It’s not the type of resort to go play Bingo at 1, Salsa lessons at 2, etc. which is not a place I would want to visit anyway. A little research would tell you that.The bottom line is – if you appreciate an awesome, beautiful, natural experience, you will love the Gamboa. If you just want the typical resort atmosphere, with the cliche activities, then you could go to the Dominican Republic or Cancun, you don’t need to go to Panama.

Just my 2 cents. The Gamboa is wonderful, if you have some idea what to expect. We loved it so much, we’re heading back in March! Can’t wait!!!!

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