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The purpose of this thread about Bachata dance is to spread knowledge about the most popular dance in Dominican Republic. I personally love to dance Bachata and its great exercise at the same time!

This is a type of dance that is specific and originates from the Dominican Republic people but you will probably see it danced round the world but done differently from the Dominican people. It may have originated from the Dominican Republic but it has undergone so many phases.

Basically, the dance involves three steps that is includes Cuban hip movements and usually followed by a tap. The knees of the dancer should be bent so that it is easier for the person to swing his/her hips freely. The dance movements of Bachata dance is more dominant on the lower body and then rises to the hip. The dance moves and dance steps by the performer solely depends on the kind of music being played, mood, setting and interpretation. There is no complex turn patterns in Bachata dance which usually turn people away from learning salsa. When partnering, the leading is still same as other social dances which includes hand and arm communication (pushing and pulling). Bachata dance in the western world has been made simple as they have added more simple patterns and dance elements from other dances known to them. The basic of this Dominican Bachata is in a full eight count with side to side motions. The tap in this dance is followed by a swing of the hips or steps in between beats. Since Bachata music starts with an accent in rhythm, most dancers begin their dance from the first beat and this is known as dancing Bachata to the basic rhythm of the music being played.

Types of Bachata Dance

Since there are many dances that influence the Bachata dance, there are five most popular Bachata dance styles and they are described below.

The first is the Dominican style Bachata because it is the original style created in the Dominican Republic is basically a side to side motion coupled with lots of foot works and freestyle moves by the performer. Performers doing the dance alternate between open and close positions with lots of bounce than other styles. There are not many turn patterns with the Dominican Bachata style.

Bachata Moderna is the second style we are going to discuss and it is basically known to as the modern version as performers mix other styles of dance into it. There are more cross movements in this style of dance as the performer crosses one foot in front of the other or behind it and the crosses can be done anywhere from the first to fourth count. With moderna style, there is more slides, styling, accentuated movements and more intricate foot work.

Traditional Bachata is another style you should know of if you intend picking up this dance while vacationing in Dominican Republic. This may be traditional but was created in the United States and Europe and it is the most popular Bachata danced all over the world. The characteristic feature of this style is the hip movement on the fourth count after the first three counts. It is a more romantic style that can be dance with partners that you have more close connections with.

Urban Bachata is another very popular style characterized by the mixture of both modern Bachata and hip hop. It is mostly fast paced and danced in all direction unlike the specific side to side motion in other styles. New elements of sharp musicality are added with the urban attitude and turn patterns makes it interesting.

Bachatatango is also known as Bachata Tango and it is a sub style of the modern Bachata except with this, tango is added. There are embellished dips and kicks, elegant turns and long pauses which is peculiar for tango. It is a romantic style since there has to be a close connection between you and your partner. This style of Bachata puts more focus on sensuality and not so much of foot works.

Here is videos of Bachata dancing for members that would like to learn it:

Here is video how professionals dance Bachata:

The above styles should be known by those people who are interested in learning this beautiful dance and choose which is more comfortable and interesting for you to pick up.

Please feel free to let us know about your experiences dancing Bachata! Do you like Bachata music? Do you dance Bachata?

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