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For those of you that have been there or have pics or first hand knowledge about the set up at this resort. I have heard and read that the "disco" is outside. First time I have ever heard of a resort doing this.I know they all have their "outdoor" entertainment for the shows and events, but usually once that is over there is another location called a disco or even just a bar that you can go inside and dance and listen to music.I can’t imagine an outdoor disco. For many resons, such as noise, weather, lack of particpation etc…..Can anyone confirm what the set up is like on this resort regarding this and what it was like in the evenings once the "shows" were over?

Thanks in advance……as I am heading there end of March.

Haven’t been to that resort, but the Disco at the Blau Costa Verde is "outside"..It has a roof, but no walls, so Yes, it can happen?

As Gambitt says, the Blau disco is outside and close to the beach; so plenty of mosquitoes around to keep you company.

Ok…neither of those answer’s, answer’s my questions….lol And those answers just reaffirm my apprehension about a "outside" disco..I’ll wait to hopefully hear from someone with firsthand knowledge/experience….
Well to answer my own question and to post it here for others, YES there is an indoor disco at the resort. This is according to information posted on the other site by those who claim to have been there and seen it firsthand.Good to know…thought it would be strange that a resort this big and new, wouldnt have an indoor latenite club/bar to hang out at and enjoy some music.

I’ll be hopefully finding out for myself in 35 days!

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