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Give me a ticket today to Roatan and I would take it, no problem and I am a big scaredy-cat. I’m more scared about walking around the mean streets of Toronto than going there. Anyone want to give me their ticket
I am inquisitive to learn how this will effective Honduras tourism.I have a feeling it will be the same hurry up and wait game as is with Venezuela. I know people are getting sick and tired of "waiting" for it to get safer there as well and are throwing caution to the wind to go to margarita island.I know what my luck would be.


I am sure it will…take a look at other destinations that are under military control or surveillance.IMHO, there is no place that is safe, thrill seekers will still go to the locations they want.Remember how Acapulco was such a dangerous place and always patrolled by the military? You hardly ever hear about it now days.I am not down playing the situation, I think it is sad and local business people are surely to suffer some stress. Also, I really hate the media, as they either downplay situations or blow them way out of proportion. After all, they only report what they want us to think.


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