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Wossa,also check out trip advisor. I think they may have more activity on the Bonaire forum over there than here LOLSorry, didn’t mean to throw another destination at you guys, I had just heard Bonaire has some pretty awesome diving LOLOf course it’s right "next door" to Curacao which is also supposed to be great for diving OK, OK, I’ll stop now LOL

Good luck with the search


I hope then that at some point in the next couple of years, you guys make it to the Great Barrier Reef

Freedom will definitely be swimming with the sharks then

Hey Sherry, maybe you should talk to Debbie about adding a Forum for diving. I know there’s a Scuba section on the home page, but it’s not a forum.

The group I got my certification with here in Ottawa – Burton’s Dive – used to do an annual pilgramage to Buddy Dive in Bonaire. They are planning a 25th annual reunion there in November 09 and I’m saving my pennies for it. I’ve done a bit of research and it looks like the resorts there are all pretty expensive, but worth it when you consider what they include in terms of dive packages. I like the "Buddy Dive" philosophy best though. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any packages from Canada and it looks like you pretty much need to put one together through a travel agent and it’s pricey. If anyone knows of a way to book this island on the cheap, please let me know. Happy dreaming everybody!
Diving on Bonaire is amazing! I know people who work at BDA and they are great (I’ve been with them a few times). Also Bonaire East Coast Diving is epic – loads and loads of turtles and rays. Try night diving at Bari reef too – groupers and tarpins use your light to hunt and there are glowing inflorescent plankton which glow as you brush them!

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