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Just wondering about why so many people view a post and never respond. There must be some travellers out there that have experienced some of the questions being asked!Not complaining just curious, as I have posted here a few times over the years on destinations that I was planning on visiting and received very few, if any replies.Hopefully this post will get some replies and answer a few of the questions I and some others have asked.I really want to give Debbies some exposure as an friendly alternative service to T.A.

Happy Traveling – Ron

I think people often view posts and don’t respond because they haven’t got an answer for the question posed. I know that is what I do. Your post caught my eye because it was just above the Cuba forum, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen it as Costa Rica is not on my radar currently. Debbies was a very lively forum, back in the day. Sadly, not so much anymore.

Hi Ron,

This forum has always been a predominantly Cuba forum dominated by mainly Canadian posters. If you look at the main page you will see how many more threads there are over any other destinations.  Even Mexico runs a distant second.  If you want info about Cuba, you can’t go wrong with this forum but other Caribbean destinations, not too many members tracking them.

The reality I see is that TA is so full of junk questions that if you get rid of the junk, there is not much there either. I’ve had a couple threads deleted on TA because they were not ‘travel question’ enough. Quite honestly, I’m not watching TA much any more because so many threads are plugged up with cheerleaders.

Debbies is very quiet but the posts that are made are much more interesting and thoughtful.

Thank you all for your quick responses and honesty. I haven’t been to Cuba for a few years, so that is great info to know if I want questions answered on Debbies about Cuba.I will keep posting on Debbies as well as TA for the destinations that I will be traveling that particular year.Also dax, I agree with you as I have had a few threads also deleted and it becomes very frustrating but since I love these travel forums, I will keep posting and hopefully get some answers.

Happy Traveling – Ron

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