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I prefer the window too…..and that’s where I sit, for free. Gotta love those couples who sit together and one "needs" to be on the aisle……in my experience, window seats are easy to come by……and nobody is climbing over you to get to the washroom, either.

We’re one of those couples! And you can climb over us to get to the washroom anytime, eeeefarm!

We never pre-book our seats as we consider it a ripoff. We get to the airport at least three hours before our flight (doesn’t bother us, we are officially on vacation once at the airport lol). We have always been seated together and been satisfied with our seat location. It is only a 3.5 to 4 hour flight for us. When we went to Holguin with Air Transat last month there was already a good line-up for check-in but we were given seats 4 H and J which are bulkhead seats normally 35$ each to reserve. Coming back we were first in line at the check-in counter and got seats 25 A and B (the 2 X 2 seat configuration) which are 25$ each to reserve. Proof for us that paying extra to reserve seats is not necessary.

We’re booked on AC and didn’t pre-book seats, now I wonder if anyone knows if they computer randomly assigns you a seat on the seat map, or are you just an unpicked seat and they just reduce the total they can sell by one? On one of our flights there are only 10 seats left, and I wonder if 8 of these 10 seats are ours.

In that case, I’m not sure but it sounds like either 8 of those are yours, or only certain seats can be preselected and there are only 10 like that left. Try calling them to ask. I’m sure any agent at AC can tell you that info as they would have access to the flight info.

I guess if 8 of those 10 are yours, then there is no point in paying now. At least it makes your decision easier. I hope their not scattered all throughout the plane.

I voted no, but between my wife and I we’ve been to Cuba 6 times (number 7 is on the horizon), and we did on 2 of those occasions.
Not sure if club class is available on Sunwing (to the Marea), but if it is, I will look into it. Sunwing now has what they call Elite plus… reserved seating (extra leg room), express check in/boarding (Canadian end only), and an extra 10kg of weight allowance.

Just upgraded my tickets today!! ;D

Another Questions RE: CLUB CLASS; this was not even offered to us at time of booking. Just found out it was even available because of this forum. Would one have to know about this option and ask when booking? I don’t recall the agent asking about an upgrade. Also, what does it cost roughly to upgrade to club class? We leave Sunday so I don’t imagine it’s even possible now; also I pre-booked my seats cause we wanted three together as I previously mentioned on this post…so just curious ?

Thanks everyone.

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