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I will be traveling to Mexico with my family for the first time in about 3 weeks. With so much violence and crime there, which has been in the news a lot lately here in Canada, I’m starting to wonder if I should be taking my children there. We will be staying at a resort about half way between Cancun and Playa del Carmen. We would like to go to both Cancun and PDC while we’re there. Is it safe to leave the resort?

You should stay in the resort the whole time and never leave. Do not expect to buckle your kids up in car seats either.

I have been to Mexico several times and never felt afraid or in danger. You are going to a tourist area. I was in Cabo at Christmas and Playa del Carmen last Christmas and I was more worried about drunken tourists than I was about Mexicans. Use your common sense, and don’t get drunk/do drugs/go to dodgy areas. Actually, scratch that – I know people who have gone and done all of that, and they STILL didn’t have anything happen to them! I am a middle-aged lady and I travel with my best friend – we have taken taxis, collectivos, etc and gone into Walmart, Mega and other Mexican stores away from the main tourist drag. With regard to this recent event, I am waiting for further revelations which will likely illuminate the matter. I will add that many Mexican staff and storeowners have told me to please tell others that not all of Mexico is bad. I have friends living in Mexico and they feel very safe as well.

Have a wonderful time, and don’t forget sunscreen!


Travel4fun, I feel just as safe in the parts of Mexico I have vacationed in as I do in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We have gone 7 times now and plan to go again. We have gone off the resort every time. We either go by ourselves via collective or taxi or take an organized excursion (to the ruins, etc) I don’t go places while traveling that I would not go to at home, for example, I don’t go downtown Halifax late at night and I never walk the streets in some areas alone. Also, don’t open your hotel room door to strangers (unless you have called for service), no matter who they are! Don’t leave your hotel room alone late at night. Very few of the violent indicents that have been reported by the news happened anywhere near where you are going to be vacationing. Most of the problems are on the Pacific side and revolve around the drug problems, about 1500 kms from Cancun/Mayan Rivieria. You also have to look at the details of some of those crimes. Sometimes people go to places they shouldn’t and engage in activities that they shouldn’t. That doesn’t mean that sometimes bad things happen to good people. For the most part the tourist areas of Cancun and the Mayan Rivieria are very safe for tourists. I will mention this, don’t take advice from someone who has never to the Mayan Rivieria, they have no idea what they are talking about. Speak to people that have gone and they can give you their take on it.

Have a great trip. If you don’t feel comfortable venturing off the resort by yourself, take an organized excursion and see some of the marvels of Mexico.

I have been going to Mexico for over 30 years. Lately for the past five years I do the condo thing as well as the hotels. I have been to places in Mexico most tourists do not know about or heard about. If you need to ask others for their opinion on safety then I say you will have a terrible trip. If you feel its too scary or not safe, then you should cancel your trip. It does not matter what side of Mexico you go to. I have been to just about all of them. Stay home or go to some US destination if thats makes you feel better. Oh if you lock yourself in the resort you may still get hurt or murdered. I always think of what happenned at the Barcelo in the Mayan when I drive by it.

Latest now, you have to be fearful of fellow tourists in the resorts. Doesn’t that add a new twist. Whats also odd is the husband hasn’t made comment.

What’s so odd about that?

It’s an ongoing investigation in a forgein country, he needs to let the officials do their job and worry about his wife, and that seems to me what he’s doing. She’s out of the coma, and is breathing on her own, and has recognised family and her husband, if he did this I would think when she opned her eyes and saw him should would have freaked out, but alas, we all aren’t there so it doesn’t help to surmize, now does it?

Oh its real odd. Wonder when she will be able to tell us the story of what happened. Why would you leave your room in the wee hours and not tell you husband or he not knowing she left. Why would your uncle in eastern Canada speak on their behalf? Why would a tourist do this to her? Odd to say the least. Just my opinion remember!

Jethro, I so agree with you. I’ve always found the media so intrusive into people’s miseries and traumas and that goes for the general masses. Wanting to know every little detail to titillate those same masses >:(.
The woman was attacked inside the resort, probably by another guest, and it’s under investigation. She and the other guy who was attacked last year, were victims of assault. It can happen to anyone, anywhere and does. Bad guys take vacations, too!
My brother was assaulted and robbed, in Mexico, a few years ago by 2 Americans. Normally a guy who can readily look after himself, he was vulnerable because he had a broken foot and wearing a cast and using crutches. He was chatting with the two guys at the bar, got up and went to the bathroom, leaving his drink on the bar. While he was gone, they dosed his drink with Rohypnol. He came back, finished his drink and, not long after, they were packing him out of the hotel saying he was drunk and they were helping him out. They helped themselves to his watch, ring and money and dumped him on the sidewalk outside the hotel. They were never caught but my brother still loves going to Mexico and still returns to the same place every winter. Moral of the story, never, ever leave a drink unattended. If you do, push it aside and order a fresh one! Anyone can be a victim and, most often, it’s not the locals you should be wary of!

We ourselves are going to the Maya Riveria. Our family of 5 is. Yes we have an excursion booked for the Chichen Ruins off the resort. No I don’t feel we are taking a chance, its called no your surroundings & take the precautions as you would for any vacation. Yes we are going to PDC via taxi.Would I send any client to this area of Mexico, not. There is an advisory on the government website about western & central Mexico. Maybe this is another bonus for us TA’s, because I would not book you to go to that area & I would tell you why! You won’t get that service in an online booking.Will I go out of my room in the middle of the night by myself? Not! Do I go anywhere without my family by myself, no. Mexico is safe in the Cancun Maya Riveria area, I certainly would not recommend anyone going inland or to the western area of Mexico where this last incident happened.I agree this should not of happened. But…… it did. As stated above Bad guys take vacations as well. Always take extra precautions & check the government websites before you book your trip online or go through an agent even better, we do not charge more we always match online pricing with no extra fees. The DR last year had a Canadian killed there as well, on a resort. Are you considering not going to the DR? It is happening all over the place including your home town. You will only hear the bad. Just sayin!This certainly has NOT stopped me from traveling to Mexico, I’m just picky of where I go there. If you guys only knew 1/2 of what goes on you prob wouldn’t travel anywhere. We get to hear a lot more that you.

Happy Travels even to Mexico!

Now I have seen it all! How stupid do the Mexican authorities think we are. This little dweeb states in his confession a naked woman got on the elevator. The tapes show a man kicking a woman, yet he states he used his fists and no bruising on his hands. When have you ever seen a man confess on national tv to such a crime. When can you walk around a hotel and drink and have no visible wrist band? This whole story stinks. Can’t wait for this women in Calgary to tell her side of the story. I think the Mexicans want us to feel they have solved a crime. They probably paid this guy and all is good now. Remember this is just my opinion.

Thanks for that Shirleyujest. Well today is proof all is well in the travel industry. Not a word anymore today on the Canadian news. Mexicans get bad guy and we are safe now. Will we ever hear the truth?

So this Mexican forum grinds to a halt. Thank you again Shirleyujest. I will again state it is real odd no comment has come from the husband or the victim. As in many cases the story indicates your stupid actions, drinking etc can and will get you into trouble. This does not just happen on one side of Mexico. It upsets me when Canadian tourists and media plant false impressions that Mexico is so bad and dangerous. Yes there is a drug problem and not so different as in Canada.
I think we still need to express our opinions and STOP condemning Mexico as a place to travel to. The tourist industry down there is suffering.

There was an interesting interview on CBC last night with a woman who was in that exact resort earlier. She also left her room in the wee hours to go down to the front desk to complain about the excess noise in the hotel. She couldn’t sleep with the rowdiness but her husband was asleep. She felt she should be very safe in a hotel of that quality. I would have picked-up the phone to complain but I know that standing in front of the front desk and complaining will often get action and a phone call is forgotten.Bottom line is that we probably will never know the real story as the young woman’s memory of the event will likely be gone. Unless they release the full video, we’ll only get the version of events that they want us to know. The likelihood of that is next to zero.

I would prefer people to speak out for the victim with their wallet and avoid that resort and Mazatlan altogether. Other resorts will be watching and if they think they can get away with less security without serious loss of business, they will. Wallets speak louder than all the forums in the world.

One thing Mexican hotels could do on their websites is post their security features. That would make one feel safer. I know where we stay there are all kinds of security cams and guards.

The problem with security is that it all boils down to humans. If they are asleep on the job, lazy, distracted or anything else, the system fails. I’ve got to admit that the one resort in Mexico we’ve been to had far more security than anything anywhere else we’ve been to. Still, similar resorts have had serious problems.

It all comes down to doing your very best to be aware of your surroundings at all times and having a bit of luck. If you don’t get beaten and robbed, there’s always Mother Nature that might get you. Gee, have to just stay home!!!!

Nothing on the news. No comments from Mexico. No victim statement. Is that typical or what? I almost want to call Calgary and find out why the silence. Man this is terrible! Shame on the news people for not following up on this. I want the truth!!!!!

Telephone & Fax News Fax: (403) 235-7379 Advertising Reception: (403) 235-7168 Reader Feedback Line: (403) 235-7218 (24 Hours) Advertising Fax: (403) 235-8647 News Tips / Information: (403) 235-7433 (24 Hours) Classified Advertising: (403) 235-0511

Administrative Office: (403) 235-7100 Classified email: [email protected]

This is contact info for the Calgary Herald. I am sure you are not the only person who would like some follow-up on this case. Let them know you are waiting for some closure.

I don’t think the victim is in any condition to talk and won’t be for quite some time. Please let the family have some peace, they deserve and need privacy to heal physically and emotionally. There is nothing more aggravating than having the media hound you when you want privacy. I’ve seen it in action and it’s disgusting.

Anything you hear form Mexico is BS. True justice takes time.

A bit more info has surfaced. It may be some mysterious short guy from Surrey BC. Again, you abuse alcohol, get drunk, take off your clothes, all sorts of things can unfold. Sounds like spring break, just a little older and just as wise as the kids that go on a holiday from school. The husband is still refusing to say anything. So odd!

When this story broke, I read several stories from different news sources. None of them mentioned that she was naked, was she? I only heard that after the Mexican confessed (cough cough, maybe was forced to confess). Does that resort have wrist bands, not all resorts do. The last resort I stayed in on Cozumel Island did not have them. The woman may not be able to talk, but I bet she can write or type. Would be nice to hear her side of the story. There was no mention of brain damage in any of the articles I read. I think if her husband did the deed, he would have used his hands or fists, there would have been signs. I don’t think the husband did it.

Still way too many unanswered questions to this story. Hope they do print a follow-up.

Just got back from another wonderful trip to Mexico!! The only ‘negative’ we had was that there was a lot of wind and some rain. However, we still managed to get a tan.Cancun airport was full of travelers.

Never once did we feel unsafe.

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