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On the weekend, Anna and I went to the Dollar Store and bought… so far… about $30. worth, you can get quite a bit for $30.All kinds of hair ribbons & bows, gardening gloves, strings of gums and lollypops, nylons, make-up kits, pencils, wax crayons…. etc.We bring baseball caps, t-shirts, Canada pins. We also leave a tip, on our pillow, most days for the maids.

[glow=red,2,300]… 17 days to go!!! ;D

I think the dollar store is one of the best places when trying to buy things to give away…We load up on the school supplies and usually give them to a local church or school along with a monetary donation…
Love the dollar store ;),,we pick things up year round,

You can get sooo much for soo little,and all is appreciated

The dollar store is the best!!!!!! We always make a trip before we go and stock up on a lot of the things listed…one thing we do get that is not listed here, is perfume and cologne. It is knock-off Tommy and Calvin Klein, but well received from the maids, along with panty hose; hair accessories; perfumed soaps have always been a big hit – oh and sometimes yu can pick up really cute little handbags/purses .. they are great, heck i buy them for myself!!!! I do have to say, the best Dollar Store we have around here, has to be Dollarama !!!!!!
Have any bought anything in the ‘Dollar Store’ in Varadero, about 30th street and main, south side of the Avenue. The day I was there the place was packed with stuff, everything from fingernail clippers to bath towels. I bought a couple of sets of yellow place mats for a friend with huge lemons on them that looked kind of cool. The street was so jammed with lineups of Cuban women shoppers, but the store only let about a dozen or so in at a time, most were spending some serious coin and walking out with arm loads of stuff. Everybody was fairly civilized but the whole thing reminded me of those old cartoons of sales day shopping ladies with their handbags ready to swing at each other. ;DCheers, Flygt
they have dollar stores there? very good for them!!Yes Dollarama is the best….i have two near by…I think i’ll check out the new one before I go….
I will not disagree but to date the BEST deal I have purchased came from Value Village. It is not a shop I had ever used before but I was looking for the soft sides (bumpers) for a crib to take to Cuba (by request). I found the cutest (& I do not think ever used) one for $3.99. Deal ! our friend was happy and never did get the price as I was embarrassed how great a deal I had found lol

I usually take dollarstore flip-flops and after the week of use leave them there. Remember if you take pencils also take sharpeners. We got the happiest faces when we gave a teacher a metal pencil sharpener …who would think?

Value Village is a fun place to lurk between Cuba trips… I picked up a Cooper baseball glove in leather for 4.99, which thrilled its recipient, and another Canadian said Those things are about sixty bucks! I know squat about baseball equipment, but you can get nice baseballs for a dollar or two there, and even once got a foam practice bat, which was light to take down but a great gift for a youngster. They often have baseball caps, fanny packs and backpacks, which are very much appreciated.

i like the idea of salvation army and value village…unfortunatly (and i’m not trying to be a snob) but the odour in these places are a little much for me and I can’t stay in there long enough to find the "deals"

the odour is from old clothes taht have not been washed in awhile….when i was in university we did a survey for salvation army for my market research class and the number one thing people said was…they wish the stores would spray linnen smelling room spray so it would smell better….

You can often find things at the $ store that are worth a heck of a lot more than $1. They often get liquidated stock from good companies. I like to get the sheets of stickers and those flashing pins – they go over great with the little ones. Also picked up some Walt Disney character pens that have a light in them which were well loved but the best item was definitely the little super-bounce balls with the Canada logo on them that light up. Evidently the kids played with them at night and got a real kick out of them. Now that the back-to-school items are out, I keep my eyes open for the Crayola coloured pencils – I can usually get them for $2.99 and cheaper – for a box of 24 which includes a sharpener – a great deal. I also check out the lingerie stores and the Bay for deep discounts on bras and panties for gifts for great service. Another well rec’d item is deodorant, razors and shaving cream for the men. My best ‘catch’ for stuff to bring down is childrens clothes that I get at garage/yard sales. I’ve brought down some almost new – very good quality childrens clothes that have brought tears to womens eyes. There are some beautiful things available at garage sales for $1 or less.
I’m a bit concerned with the weight restrictions upon arrival at Cuban airports. Has anyone been charged for what they consider excess baggage?

don’t forget sears (sorry I work at the head office I have to promote)

hey seachick…are the disney pens the one that have a fluff on them? weight depends on ur airline…i only get 20kilos

yes CeeJay, they’re the ones. PS I only get 20 kilos from my airline too but I’m talking about Cuban customs weighing your bags once you arrive there. Wasn’t there an issue about them charging extra?

and yes – Sears too!

they don’t weigh when u get there…is this something cuba specific?? thats odd…

they weigh when u leave =) just becareful of weight scams…and i’m sure u’ll be fine unless u replace the gifts u are bringing’s weight with the gifts you are bringing home…

thats insane …its amazing how 3rd world countries will do anything to try to get $…i hope it was an isolated incendent and that customs officer wont be around in the future…

WOW i am shocked

We always get stuff at Dollarama – absolutely nothing over $1. The trouble is you only have a certain weight limit when travelling. We always want to spend so much more, but have to retrain ourselves or we will go over the weight limit.
Lucky couples! As a solo traveller, I just get one allowance – between two people, you could have 20 kgs donations, 20 kgs outfits, etc for yourselves. Although, I must say, when I have been over a bit, they’ve let me go through – pays to be at the airport really early!

I bought a hand scale for ten bucks at a luggage store – I weigh everything – definitely using nylon bags instead of heavy wheeled luggage gives me more allowance!

I too have moved to "duffel" type bags to save on weight of the luggage itself. Too much stuff too little weight — is the lament of many who travel to Cuba Just do what you can and as always — cash weighs very little and is greatly appreciated by all.
Ceeejay, wrong thread but, hey, I’m that kind a guy!Mountain equipment stores have International luggage locks (Spelling?), it’s a combination lock that you put on your luggage, but airport officers have a special key that will open them from the locks bottom key hole.That way they can check your bags without damaging anything…

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