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Dominica – Readers Travel Tips

I was on Dominica, March 9 through 17, 2001. It is a very unique place to vacation.
It however is not the easiest place to get to
depending on where you live. I live in Pittsburgh, PA. In order to get there, I had to overnight in NYC or Puerto Rico. I chose NYC, however if I was to do it again, I would suggest Puerto Rico. There is only one flight at day on American Airlines from PR to the island at 1:00 and we missed it. There are other airlines that fly there, but not from here.

If you are a beach person and that is all you want to do, I don’t know if this is the place for you. There are some beaches on the Island. We visited two. Scotts Head in the south was very small but had wonderful snorkeling. Portsmouth in the north had a large beach, but not much atmosphere. There are more, but we didn’t go to any others. It takes a long time to get place to place because of the mountains and we were more interested in the many other beautiful sights the Island had to offer.

We stayed south at Papillote Wilderness Retreat (very beautiful resort with nothing to do there but relax) (read the review) in Trafalgar, outside of the capital of Roseau, in the rainforest. If you are a nature person the mountains are the place to be. There is lots of hiking to beautiful waterfalls, lakes and rivers. You can swim in all of them. People in the surrounding villages are very friendly. Don’t be afraid to eat and drink somewhere along side the road. It is usually very good and cheap. Food and drink is reasonable depending on where you are eating and drinking. There is not much night life, but some can be found.

The most difficult thing was getting around the island. We did not rent a car. They drive on the left side, some roads are not paved and they are usually very narrow. There is public transportation and taxis. It is safe to take the public transportation it just took us a day or so to figure it out. The taxis and tours are a little expensive. It seems like everyone is a taxi and a tour guide. Be careful ask your rates before you accept the ride. Make friends with a local or a worker where you stay and they can probably hook you up. Stick with them and prices seem to drop.

We weren’t sure until a day or two had passed if we were happy with our decision to stay where we were, but after everything fell in to place, we were very happy. Don’t get discouraged. Dominica was a very unique and adventurous vacation and is on the top of my list of places to return to.

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