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I just come back from Dominica, a place for hiking only, NO NIGHT life at all, but it doesn’t matter, back home, I’ll do my best to compensate. I was surprised to get an hotel at only 15us$ a night, I’m single and there they don’t charge extra money. All the guests got one free tour on Tuesday. So, we went to Victoria falls, the biggest water fall of Dominica and after crossing the deep water about 5 times with our guide Didier, we reach the pool of the water fall. At my best satisfaction, NO concrete, just the nature, nothing to recall the civilization. The water was refreshing and "white", Didier insisted: everybody must taste the water. Why to come so far inside the nature if you don’t try that nature was the argumentation of Didier.After the water fall, we had a rasta diner with real rasta people, veges only with no artificial flavor. It was good and cheap.3 O’clock in the afternoon, we reach Petite Soufriere, where we bath in real volcanic hot hot hot water… I still sweat when I think about it.The other days, we were 5 to share the price of the other tours, it comes to about 14us$ a complete day. We saw parrots, the tropical forest, a Loch Ness lake (yes, unbelievable, a Loch Ness in Dominica) and so many other things.If you want a good deal, just search stonedge in Dominica.
i want to know what is going on in Dom Rep in April. ANy festivals any thing worth seeing and with music!!!!!!! different place… see Debbies Domician Republic Forums

Dominica is south of Guadeloupe and north of Martinique


I would like to go to Dominca this Christmas/07. Can you tell me where you got a room for $15.00 a night please. I will be traveling on my own too.

WOW…………..That sounds like a totally amazing vacation.Back to nature!The Victoria Falls sound beautiful and I would love to bathe in real volcanic water.

I will check out the web site now and try to talk by traveling companion into heading there for some "Down To Earth" Adventures.

Can you get there from here?

Freedom Ryder 8-)…………

wossa Guest Hola FreedomYou know I am always up for some ”Down to Earth” adventures.

Looks perfect for us….awesome location…certainly worth looking at before we decide to book anywhere……we should start checking out availability of flights and accomodation……..and of course if there is any diving available…….we have to have our diving fix ”buddy”………

I will see what I can find out……….Wossa …………………. ;D

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