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she probably lost and said it was stolen
I have know who thought they had money stolen and it end up, that they forgot to included something they bought

Frankly I wouldn’t be taking ANYTHING that valuable with me on Vacation. Yes I know it was an engagement ring, but something worth 25K on your finger is going to get you both some wanted and unwanted attention.

Although I find the situation (safe at an AI resort being broken into) disturbing, what I don’t understand is, this gal is walking around (be it downtown Toronto, Punta Cana or Timbuktu – it doesn’t matter) with a ring worth 25K and it wasn’t properly insured. The article mentioned she was going to try and claim on her house insurance, but if her policy is anything like mine, it only covers a total of 6k for misc. jewellery, hence the need to have anything of greater value "scheduled".

Am not sure I have a lot of sympathy for someone that daft.

I never take valuable jewellery on vacation with me…I bought a cubic zirconia set in real 10k gold and an zirconia eternity band & earrings just because we travel every year. My Aunt goes on cruises every year and she said a lot of the ladies do that…I’d rather lose $100-200 ring than a ring worth thousands…ouch!

I always seem to get more nice compliments on my "fake" rings than my ‘real’ rings…

I am with you tanlines, all my jewelry stays home. I have a substantial diamond, not $25K worth mind you, in my engagement ring so it stays home. The only jewelry that I take on vacation with me is my plain gold wedding band that never comes off my finger, a pair of gold hoop earrings and my cheap watch. Above and beyond the safety issue, I think it is inappropriate to flash expensive things while in a country where the people have so little.

Isn’t that why we have jewelry insurance. So we can wear it everyday, enjoy it and not have to worry if it’s lost or stolen? Yes, exactly, which is why for the life of me I can’t understand why this person didn’t have her $25,000. ring properly insured on a rider in the first place.If you can afford a ring like that, then what’s an extra few dollars per year to have it insured for all risks coverage which is what a rider provides.

I’m with ratherbeonabeach’s opinion. Sorry but no sympathy from me either. If I don’t want to lose it, then I don’t take it with me unless it’s properly insured (like my camera equipment which is on a separate all risks rider).

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