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Social conscious isn’t universal in my world. I know that $49 is a lot of money for many.
Interesting thoughts vagabond.

Travel IS a luxury,,,,,A lot of people cannot afford to do it.I know that we could not and did not travel until we were 42 yrs old. But , it seems that most people , afford it or not, have iphones and a lot of electronic stuff that they seem to have the money for. I know that paying $ 100 or more per month for that and buying-leasing expensive new cars is something that we cannot do either.I guess it all comes down to what you are willing to pay for.Like Cuba in Feb,,,,, wooo-hoooo !!!!

The rum trees are going to take a beating !!!

TOTALLY agree, VCC. Our adult son complains that he’s broke but has the latest phone AND rented car –both with "all the fixins" — so I guess to each her/his own.My cell phone has voice only, I buy a 100$ card annually… and still have about 90$ on it when next year rolls around lol and I have never owned a new car in my life. I would just rather put what little money I have saved on more important things.

Like the view over turquoise-coloured water

I’ve said before – Each to their own. As well; "one man’s trash is anothers treasure". In other words….one person’s " mediocre 3* " is anothers luxury spot so let it be. None of us should judge ! As long as we’re each happy in what we’re doing then so be it. There are a lot of places my wife and I would like to visit but as I say, "I don’t want to buy the Island… I just want a weeks vacation !" We’re content just to be able to do what we do !!!

I deleted my original post because I’ve decided that I really don’t grasp what you are getting at, after all.
"Under the Palapa" was set up for this reason; Off Topic.No harassment here. Topics are open.

Respect, discretion and posting rules apply and as long as the intent is friendly and helpful, I’m not booting anyone.

How does one block PM’s from a member? Shouldn’t be too hard. Just don’t open them! ;D Seriously, nobody can bully you on line without your permission. I wish kids would learn this. Just don’t look.

If you can’t resist looking, click on "preferences" (top right on your messages page) and you can block whomever you wish.

How does one block PM’s from a member?

There is a moderator sending me inappropriate, harassing PM’s

First off, ’cause I know a number of you will be thinking I’m the mod – I’m not.

Vagabond, if you have issues with pm’s from anyone, please contact the EDITOR. He will make the decision on whether you are being harrassed or just making inappropriate, unsubstantiated, troublesome accusations here on the forum.

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