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The resort has 2 main sections. On the left side is the older building-Building 1(not up to Doubletree-) on the other side is the new buildings(2&3) and they are much better. (they have queen beds and bath tubs-some with whirlpool) The older section has just 2 double beds, no kings, hot water is intermittent and the building is very noisy. the walls are paper thin and people talking (not shouting) in the hallways are clear as a bell. speaking of bells, on the first night, we werre treated to the fire alarms going off at midnight, then again at 2 AM As you read in all the reviews in here, you will notice that a consistent theme is that the maid service is hit and miss. this is accurate. one day it’s no floor matt, then it’s no face cloths, then it’s now duvet on the bed etc–it rotates with no apparant order. in 2 weeks we only got the face suncscreen on the last 2 days, and our coffee was replaced only once. Also check your TV–your supposed to have approx 55 stations. we had none for the first week, then only 11 (all spanish) for most of the second week. They let on that there are more restuarants. dont be fooled! there are 2 "a la cartes" and one big, 2 sectioned buffet. as for Bars, there is 2 swim up and one main one at the buffet area, and one near the snack bar (chips, hamburger/hot dog/ nachos/pizza and a few salads)

Food – is classic "all inclusive" fair–sitting in pans floating in sauce or grease or dry, but lots to choose from. fresh fruit is terrific. The beef is shoe leather, so dont go looking for a good steak or prime rib. Im used to succelent Canadian beef and Tico beef is really tough–brama cows who walk the mountains. their bread is stale and hard as a brick so dont get too excited about a nice sandwhich at the resort

The beach-

The beach has dark sand (volcanic) didnt bother me at all–except that by noon it scalded your feet so bring beach sandals if you plan to walk the beach. the water was warm, and you could go in up to your chest/neck. some people surfed and boogy boarded, some people even fished from the beach/pier

Pools –

Lots and vacuumed daily, but the water is a bit cloudy (it’s hard to keep a pool crystal clear with that many people uninating and spilling drinks in it) there is also a quiet, adult only pool. we were surprised to discover the resort has not a single whirlpool.

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