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My fiance and I are getting married in September and we’re thinking of going to either the DR or Cuba for our honeymoon. I’m having such a hard time deciding on where to go. I know it’s the hurricane season but has anyone out there traveled to either one of those countries in September? I know we’re taking a risk but which one is the safer bet?Please help!JLJ

I’m no expert but we travel in October every year. We have been to Florida, Cuba, St Maarten, and I think DR this October. Last year we went to Cuba and had fantastic weather. Beer was amazing and there was always something to eat ( some stuff a little bland but always had lots to eat). People are great there and always felt secure.

My personal opinion… I’d rather be in a hurricane in Cuba than DR… which one gets hit more?? …..mother nature.. you can’t predict. Safer once a hurricane hits?? Cuba 100% . Their evacuation process is something USA should study.
Hmm, tough call, but I think I’d wait and see what Hurricane Dean has up his sleeve for the time being.And I agree with lesab33 – I’d rather be in Cuba than the DR if a hurricane hits.You may want to try and read some of the older reviews (from last year at hurricane season) to get an idea of what’s what.I just heard of someone who is evacuating Cancun right now, cutting her vacation short, just in case Dean decides to be really nasty to that area.

Also, a co-worker had planned her dream wedding in Cancun last year and ended up having to cancel it due to a hurricane at the last minute.

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