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Beyond The Beach Children’s Foundation has taken the concerns noted above extremely seriously and have re-engaged our contacts at the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario, The Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Nova Scotia, our local Municipal Licensing offices, Service Ontario, Service Canada, the Competition Bureau Canada, and have consulted with a legal firm to further insure that the actions we take, along with the rules and regulations, are fully appropriate.

Beyond The Beach Children’s Foundation has also investigated and determined the IP address of the poster who is using the name ‘Louis206207’. This IP address has been traced back to Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto with a secondary posting traced back to Quebec. As a result of this portion of the investigation, we feel it is rather evident that the poster is NOT in the legal profession. This person has also committed FRAUD by sending letters to authorities in Wasaga Beach – representing themselves to be the Treasurer of BTBCF. That Town contacted us as they did not think it came from us as it was in a plain white envelop and, was not signed. They have written us and, we are good to go with the Fiesta there!

We have no other options than to respond in kind by contacting the Administration at Toronto Sick Children’s Hospital with the IP address used for the non related medical use of their equipment and let them investigate internally and take the necessary disciplinary actions they feel is appropriate.

We are unable to understand what would prompt these person(s) to be so vindictive as to try to stop the worthwhile and desperately needed efforts of Beyond The Beach Children’s Foundation with helping the children of the Dominican Republic, where all so often even the “basic essentials of life” as we outside of the Dominican Republic know it to be, are not available to them.

After all, our “Mission Statement” states – “We encourage travelers to make their journeys more than just vacations – to reach beyond the beach and assist us in equipping the children of the Dominican Republic with the tools necessary for learning and living, dreaming and achieving – to empower the children to free themselves from the restraints of poverty and lack of opportunity, and decide their own future”.

The Beyond The Beach Children’s Foundation, it’s Directors and participants, do NOT derive ANY benefit from these fundraising efforts – simply the heartwarming satisfaction of knowing we are helping to fulfill this “Mission” statement. We do it “All for the Kid’s”.

Due to the underhanded actions of a particular individual, we no longer have time to offer vouchers for our annual vacation draw. Instead, we will have a 4 night, all inclusive stay for 2 people at Melia Caribe Tropical Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic available to the highest bidder during our Silent Auction at the Dominican Fiesta at Wasaga Beach on Saturday, September 17. The stay must be taken between Sept. 19 and Dec. 22 of this year.

If you are contemplating staying at the Melia Caribe Tropical Resort during that time frame, arrange to use the 4 nights at the start or end of your vacation to have 11 or 18 nights at this wonderful resort – you just need to adjust your air fare. Or, if you have a condo in Punta Cana, use the 4 nights as a pamper during your stay in Punta Cana! If you live in the Dominican Republic – what a nice time away…

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