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Arrival: January 8th-15th 2009

We left toronto at 620am with sunwing for our honeymoon. The flight was great. At checkin were given welcome champagne. Check in was super fast and our room was ready right away.(normally checkin is at 3pm but we had our room at 1)


Our room was amazing. We stayed in room 1215. It had one king sized bed, nice bathroom and a partial oceanveiw. The rooms seemed to be in great shape, we heard from others some rooms were a little rough but also heard they are working on fixing any rooms that a little rough

Restaurants and Bars:

All the bars we amazing. The bar in the middle of the resort by the pool was our fav but they we all good.


We didnt do them all but the ones we did do here are our reveiws World Cafe- Was our favorite. we ate there everyday for breakfast and lunch and had supper there a couple of times. It was always a buffet style Oceana- Was another favorite, It looks out over the ocean. The food was really great as well just not used to the small portians. Seaside Grill- We ate here the first night. the food was ok. we didnt feel the greatest after the eating here but it could have been the flight food that made us not feel great. We also heard near the end of our trip that this resturant was closed for the week before we came because too many people had to visit the doctors after eating here. Mexican- This was my Hubbys favorite. I dont care for spicy food as much, but it was still good. Italian- They made amazing pastas here, Both my hubby and I really liked the food here


Pool- Its one big long pool that goes from the lobby all the way down to the beach. There was never any problems finding a chair near the pool or a spot in the pool.

Beach- It was very clean and it was beautiful. If you go the the left of the beach its much nicer than right in front and for some reason there is less people. Never a problem finding a chair here either. Lots of water activities to do, only had a red flag one day and it was cleared by noon.

The Grounds-

AMAZING, they work so hard to make it beautiful. There are soo many gardens, and birds around. Along with a few small lizards running around. The Grounds are kinda big tho. We were right near the beach and it was a 10 min plus walk to the lobby, but its a beautiful walk.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: Activities on the resort is endless. Every night they give you something called a sundial in you room that lets you know about the upcoming activities for the next day, along with the drink of the day, kids program, teens program etc. Another cool thing about the activities is that if you playing them, you get paid for them in "dreams" money. You can use this money in the auctions they have a few nights a week. You can get things like rum, hats, tees etc. It was alot of fun, and great for free stuff. The nightly shows were also amazing. We heard from another couple that travels alot that these we the best shows they ever seen. My Favorites were the dance shows, the magic show, and the circus on the beach. We only did one tour and that was the country adventure by bravo. It was a tour around the dominican. They take you to a rum shack, school where you meet the kids, dominican home, sugar cane feild, Shopping center, horseback riding, lunch, and a beach. This tour was a lot of fun. The only downfall was that everyone on the tour minus 5 people(including my hubby and i) spoke german, so of course the tour guide would speak german with only a little english. which made it hard to understand what was happening.

Other Comments:

Overall this is an amazing resort and country. I would give it a 5 start plus rating, and would recomend this resort to anyone thinking of going. My hubby and i said we would love to come back. Before we left i read some reveiw and got a little scared, but as long as you go there with an open mind and remembering you are in a 3rd world country you will have an amazing time!

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