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I’ll start from when we arrived, the drive there from airport is an hour, Upon Arrival I went to check in and asked for a ground floor room and didnt get it, we have 3 kids aged, 12. 8 and 3 mths its very difficult to carry a stroller up a flight of stairs 4 to 10 times a day and would have been nice to have asked us if we would like a swim up room (no questions at all) Next point, launguage barrier..found it very difficult to communicate even at restauraunts this was a problme when we didnt get apps and every one else was on there dessert 🙁 The food not tasty at buffet, the room service is nice and so was the walk up bar service very nice, but as i stated before, with having two kids ages 8 and 12, the ice cream machine was broken all week 🙁 and you couldnt get icecream at buffet 🙁 ( i know you may think this is petty but it’s important when you pay any kind of money) My kids could only use the core zone certain times a day:( One major disapointment was if you go with a family the people making out in fron of you is crazy they were having forplay like crazy they should have a family friendly area where you could have adults that have kids and nothing dirty happening. I will say the spa was amazing, grounds were well kept. They are not accomadating for families imo, i would not reccomend this resort, all extra activities were expensive and a long way to travel

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