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Excellent place to go thats low profile to just relax and do your own thing. Lots of space so you never get that feeling of being crowded ever. If you think about booking; Book the ‘Premium Suites’ as they are new and the upgrade is worth every penny.

Room Number:

Room Block:
54-Premium Section

Arrival: December 23, 2011

Departed: December 30th. It is a bit of a gong show at the airport. They search everything when departing. Be prepared for a bit of a wait and prepared to open your luggage. They search everything and everyone.

We stayed in a Premium Suite and not a single complaint. Marble modern bath, and a really nice smaller room with a fridge and private balcony overlooking the mountains. Gorgeous view. Tip in USD and your room will be spotless.

Restaurants and Bars: Staff at the Tilapia (premium restaurant) were excellent. English is hard to come by but your in South America so it was not expected. They try to accomodate as much as they can. Very friendly.

The Shabono Bar on the Premium Side of the resort open from 6pm-11pm only by far made the best drinks of all the bars. We sat there nightly and lounged again in a very calm low profile atmosphere and just indulged in our surroundings. It is a very peaceful resort.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Pool on the premium suites side is really nice but was over loaded with screaming children so we opted for the beach and played in massive waves. Our suggestion is to close one of the 3 pools off for adults only as there was no where to truly relax pool side without kids yelling.

We enjoyed the beach and it’s massive waves no problem. Beaches on the island are not privately owned so its open for venders but politely say ‘no thank you’ and they leave you alone for the rest of your stay. They are friendly as well.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Did the Jeep Tour & Lagoon Boat Tour through the national park and it was spectacular. The guys operating the tour were fun and very relaxed and did the tour in English. Great way to see the diversity of the island.

Other Comments: If you are used to 5 star Sandals or Beaches resorts where everything is illusion and picture perfect then this is not the resort for you. It is a beautiful well kept resort and extremely safe for all. Its spacious to take an evening walk to get away from it all. It makes for an excellent place to take in a breather without the snotty stereo typical resorters who dress up for a week to impress then go back to their blue collar jobs. No sarcasm 😉

I absolutely recommend this place despite the other reviewers and I’m well traveled but not a snotty ‘resorter’.

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