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This is just a "Heads Up", for those that wish to purchase "Duty Free" items at the airport in Roatan Honduras.The duty free at the airport no longer exists. It has totally been closed down.There is however one gift shop before Customs and one gift shop after you have gone past Customs at the Airport.The gift shops have a limited amount of items in them at a bit of an inflated price but neither of them carry alcohol. The gift shops are great for last minute purchases before you leave the Country.Our group ventured off of the "Oakridge" area site via a water taxi and then a van used as a cab. The water taxi cost each of us $1.00 in U.S. funds. The cab was however $60.00 U.S. for the trip which consisted of 4 hours.It was approx: 1 hour traveling time each way and then 2 hours of shopping time. The distance was not that far but since the roads twist and turn and wind all over the place and there are pot holes everywhere, it takes much more time than would normally be required to get to your destination.We went into Coxen Hole where there are many street vender’s and shops as well as a "Duty Free" shop. Most of the street vender’s sell dried up "Sea Horses" for $1.00 U.S. and polished "Conch Shells" which is a shame. If you were to purchase either of these items they will be confiscated at the Airport if you are caught. Once again we have to be conscious shoppers to deter people from selling these items. If Tourists don’t purchase them then they will not dive and kill them for resale.You can purchase coffee, alcohol, zippo lighters, perfume, cologne and sunglasses at the "Duty Free" shop but once again the selection is limited.I still managed to spend $250.00 U.S. funds at the duty free even with the limited selection.When the Cruise Ships arrive then all of the "Duty Free" shops are open as well as the stores. On the days when the Cruise Ships are not arriving then most of the stores and vender’s are not open for business.We did not make it into the West End due to the bumpy roads and the slow moving vehicles ahead of us. We were limited for time so we only got as far as Coxen Hole. I hear the West End is much more built up and has many more Tourists and resorts than the area our resort was in.

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