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Positives: – Huge rooms – available 1-bedroom units – quiet (mostly) – many activities and huge pool across the street at the Castilla/Moro Negatives: – Can be crowded – Not much variety at the buffets, lines sometimes long – Rooms close to the street can be noisy Not only was this place the best value AI for us in Mazatlan, it was probably the best value in Mexico. Even the things that I listed as a negative aren’t that much of a problem. Buffet food is boring? Just go out to eat somewhere else. It won’t cost much and you didn’t pay much for El Cid in the first place. We were in the 1-bedroom unit, 3033 and 3034. It had a view of the parking lot. But it’s easy to walk over the bridge to the Castilla where the beach and other activities are. When you check in or better yet before you arrive, decide where you want the room to be. Do you want to play golf or work out? Ask for a room in the back by the club house. It’s also quieter back there. Ask for a room at the front if you want to be near the bridge to the beach but you will be able to hear noise from the street.

I E Mailed ahead of time and they arranged for me to have the exact room I wanted.

Room Number:

Room Block:

Our room was ready right on time at 4PM. I think that we could have had a room even earlier, but we wanted one close to the beach and restaurants.1

Rooms: Huge and nice!

We had a one-bedroom unit. It had several TV channels in English, including one from Canada.

Restaurants and Bars:
The buffets seemed to have the same food every day. It wasn’t bad food. But who cares, really? Mazatlan is pretty inexpensive so it doesn’t cost much to eat off the property.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: The pool is the biggest I have ever seem. It has 2 waterslides and a cliff you can jump off. If you go to the Caribbean, the waves will seem pretty big but they are even bigger in other parts of Mazatlan. Some people were stung by jellyfish one day. Like everywhere in Mexico, all beaches are public so there are lots of beach vendors.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: Mazatlan was a city before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock (or before Jacques Cartier arrived in Hochelaga, if you prefer). It has a beautiful 19th century cathedral and a 19th century theater that where you can see performances. Mazatlan is also a favorite destination for visitors from inland Mexico who drive down from Durango or Chihuahua for the weekend. The Pearl Of The Pacific is also a working port, with industries that don’t invol So if you can manage some Spanish, that will be very helpful.

The snorkeling wasn’t Cozumel quality, but we saw some pretty fish at Deer Island/Isla de Venados

Other Comments:
The place is a great value.

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Mo68vRtSeQ

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