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The El Cid Granada is a wonderful resort for the price you can get it for. I can’t believe the deals you can find for it. You have access to the other resort on the beach but you pay less because it’s across the street. It is really only a 10 minute walk across the bridge to the beach. We’ve stayed in bigger resorts that were beachfront and been further from the beach.
We’ve been travelling for 23 years and we seldom go to the same resort twice but even before we left we were making plans to go back. We’ve booked again for January and this is the 1st time our kids are really excited about going on winter holidays.

We had a 1 bedroom unit and it was wonderful. They are really great if traveling as a family. They have a kitchenette which is handy if you need to keep things cold in the room. They have in room safes which is great. The kids each had their own double bed which is wonderful. The rooms are always kept clean. They are also really quiet; you can’t hear your neighbors

Restaurants and Bars: We were all inclusive for 2 weeks and in all that time there was only 1 meal that we didn’t enjoy. With all the restaurants that are included you have a great variety to choose from. It’s also nice to have the choice of buffets or a la cartes for all meals. We had our 6 & 11 year old with us and they always enjoyed the variety of choices for their meals. It’s also great that at the Castilla that they have food right at the swim up bar. It’s a little confusing at first to figure out which restaurant is included in the AI but they give you a pamphlet that is handy to keep with you for the 1st few days.

Bar: The only really problem with the Granada is in the evening you have to go across the bridge to the Castilla for a drink. The service is excellent from the waiters. We’ve been to 5* resorts and have not had the bar service that the El Cid gives. You even get service at the beach! Even if you are All inclusive they come around constantly checking to see if you need anything. They also make great drinks

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Pools: They have a pool for everyone’s taste. The pool at the Granada is very laid back and quiet, the ones at the Castilla are usually were the activities are. They even have water slides at the Moro which the kids loved.

Beach: This is a beautiful beach for walking, nice packed sand. The water is shallow. We never had a problem going to the beach anytime of the day and getting a beach chair. It’s handy having the vendors there but if you buy from one they’ll start bothering you. You just have to keep saying No Gracias.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: Entertainment: The activities staff are really good at getting people involved. We’ve been to many resorts were they only try and get the 20 somethings involved but at the El Cids they get everyone involved, from young to old. They always have something going on around the pool from volleyball to bowling to bingo and bartendering class. The evening entertainment was also great. We were there for 2 weeks and hardly ever missed it. They do a variety of shows and all are entertaining.

Kids Club: Our kids loved the kids club. Brianda & Leity were great at keeping the kids entertained. They loved going there to do crafts or play a few video games. They even take them to the beach to build sandcastles & soccer. They really enjoyed going to see the turtles and releasing them in the ocean. It was the highlight for our 6 years old. It’s great that the kids club is open late so if the kids don’t want to watch the evening entertainment they are just across the hall. You can also have private babysitting in the room for a price.

Other Comments: Customer service; The staff at the El Cids is the best we’ve ever had. If you have a complaint just go and talk to the managers they’ll do their best to fix the problems. Daniel at the Granada will try to help you with any problems that you may have. I’ve been on trip advisor for years and have never seen a manager respond to reviews like Mr. McKay does. We met him while we were there and he really is as nice and helpful as he seems here. We’ve been to many higher * resorts and have never had the customer service that they provide. My husband let them know that it was my birthday while we were there and they really made it special. They decorated my room with balloons and had a cake for me in the room. We usually go on holidays around my birthday and this was the biggest deal ever made for it. I loved it so much that we are heading back for my next birthday.

We can’t wait to get back to this wonderful resort and make more great memories.

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