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AS a result of our Air Canada flight being cancelled on March 17, 2012, we were transported from the Occidental Grand to the El Cozumeleon. While grateful someone would take us, my understanding was that in this circumstance we should have received the equivalent quality of hotel or higher – and this sadly, was not the case.

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While our room was fine in a pinch, the security was of real concern. The desk staff took an imprint of my credit card for "incidentals" and then insisted I sign it – this was really unnerving; how did I know someone wasn’t going to run up a huge bill on it – and they had my signature. Also, although there was a safe in the room, we were told that since we were there due to unforseen circumstances we couldn’t get a key safe. Finally, the room had a key lock (not a card lock) – the key was on a rope and the room number on the key. Why not just invite a thief to come right in with you since it wouldn’t be hard to get access to someone’s room if they misplaced their key. Finally, no dead bolt on the door – and the door to the room could have been kicked in quite easily. Given the concerns about safety in Mexico, I wouldn’t advise any one to stay at this hotel.

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